Everyone has made a list at some point in their lives. A list of things to get from the grocery store. A list of traits that the perfect mate should possess. A list of goals for the New Year. Some people make lists at work to keep themselves organized. Some people make lists to help them stay focused on their dreams.

But we are not "some people."

We love lists. We make them for every occasion. We make them for non-occasions. We make them for all the reasons that some people make them, and then we multiply those reasons by a thousand. Lists are a passion for us, a happy obsession, and the Secret Society of List Addicts is a place for us to indulge our addictions, share our ideas, and hopefully inspire one another to cross more things off our own lists.

We hope that you enjoy this project, and we welcome compliments, critiques, comments, and submissions from readers and fellow addicts. In list form, of course.

Very sincerely
The Secret Society of List Addicts

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