Things I Started, But Will Never Finish

Dudes, laundry is never done. I sort of like doing laundry even, but when taunted with it's unending nature this domestic drudgery is a real downer.

This task is one I'm actually thankful for. Those mower tracks? My bright red poppies? That pile of dying nasty unearthed weeds? The blisters and the dirt in my nail beds? All totally worth it for a lovely manicured backyard.

Duuuuuuudes, I hate dishes more than laundry. If the planet and needless wasting were not a concern I would definitely use disposable dishes for every meal. Note to self: price out dishwashers, you are almost 30.

Shaving My Legs.
When you were 12 or 13 or whatever and someone said to you, "You will shave your legs twice a week until you die, please think carefully about what you are about to do." Would you have put razor to calf skin? I would not.

A Handful of Knitting Projects.
You know, the ones that you started when the weather was frightful? And then said weather turned AWESOME!? Those projects, they will never get finished. At least not until it's cold again.

Growing Up.
'nuff said.

What never gets crossed off your To-Do List


Amanda Nicole said...

I am so with you on the dishes. I bought a counter-top dishwasher, since I live in an apartment with a minuscule kitchen, and it has saved me so many potential grey hairs. It was only $200 and holds a day's worth of dishes, so you can turn it on at night and wake up to clean dishes. Lovely.

Kortnee said...

HATE doing dishes. Aughuaguhgh.

Anyway, yeah, embarrassingly enough, I didn't shave my legs for a looooong time. I didn't have a boyfriend and I never wore shorts, so it didn't become an issue for a really long time. Like... until I was 16, haha.

Anonymous said...

All those knitting projects- ditto.

Also, reading THAT book. The one you checked out from the library, and you sorta want to read it, but you never do.

hannahlizabeth said...

hahaha i wish i had known the joys of waxing when i was 12! learnt that lesson good and proper...


Ms Constantine said...

I was actually told that shaving my legs would become a huge chore and that my hair would be much more noticeable after I'd shaved for the first time.
I did it anyway, it was inevitable. The joy of long term relationships and winter is that you can get away with not shaving your legs for quite a while!

Dishes are The Boys responsibility in our house. I hate doing them with such a passion that I get depressed and upset just thinking about it. I don't know why, but I do!
So I really hate it when I stay at someones house and they expect you to do the dishes if you're to be considered a good guest. I'd rather scrub the toilet.

jezzabellegiggles said...

SCARPBOOKING...ive always love starting them but i never have the patients to finish them!!!

i think its the same for all my projects.. when i have an idea, its fun.. but lazyness gets in the way of completion!!


DT said...

I love ur idea of LISTS.
i too have plenty of things, which i start but never finish. Just never thought they can be listed.
and, thanks for your wishes in my blog.

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