Awesome Things About My Sister

Tomorrow marks the birthday of my one and only little sister. We've been thousands of miles apart for the last ten years but she remains one of my favorite people. Why?

1. She's got guts
When things weren't going her way, girlfriend packed her tiny car and drove herself to a gajillion miles south, away from Minnesota winters to a warm desert full of friends and new opportunities. I miss her heaps, but as a perpetual traveler and mover, I can't say I blame her for heading out into the world to seek her fortune.

2. She's got all that multi-faceted talent
I'm a bit of a one trick pony - one of those reader/writer types who can't subtract or catch a ball. But she can manage a store, organize the high school's first recycling program, play on the volleyball team and carry a tune. Stop! You're making the rest of us look bad!

3. She has the
Thick. Shiny. Dark. Again with making the rest of us look bad?!

4. She's captain conscientious
My sister is that family member who gives Christmas presents to everyone one in the extended family, who babysits the minister's kids and goes on trips to Haiti to volunteer at orphanages. (Let's be honest - I was probably just copying her when I went to Peru and volunteered with those cheeky orphans who tried to trick me into talking about masturbation).

5. She's super-humanly patient
Whether she was allowing me to boss her into a family performance of The Night Before Christmas or putting up with my compulsive computer use, she gave Mother Theresa a run for her money during our school years. She's a good egg, that one!

What's awesome about your siblings?

Posted by Sarah Von


Ali said...

Happy Birthday, little sis!

She sounds awesome.

Lady Smaggle said...

My brother is...

Totally non judgmental. As in completely. He also doesn't notice when people are different. He will have an entire conversation with a person with fairly obvious Autism and not even realise. He just doesn't see anyone's outside package. He is all about the inside.

laii said...

My little sister is amazingly smart. In fact, even though I just graduated from college at 21, she's just starting her undergrad at John Hopkins. John Freakin' Hopkins! She's so smart, and super popular and friendly even though she will totally disagree.

Sometimes she's a little rough around the edges, but she's always there for friends and even me, the big sis with "more life experience".

Luinae said...

That is a wonderful post. Your sister sounds like a great person!

Isisingonthecake said...

My sister matches up to yours on several points.
1. She knows the difference between following a trend and being a sheep. Viz., wearing skinny jeans and Chucks because she thinks they look awesome - but refusing to be a Cullen for Halloween because her friends said she had to, and instead going with other, nonstupid, nonsheep friends and being Audrey Hepburn.

2. Writing? The girl has TALENT. Mine is all in the analysis, hers is the creative, right brain shit. Amazing. She has THE BEST sense of style. Everything is shoes, shoes, shoes. And oh yeah, she can RIDE A UNICYCLE.

3. She's never. Cut. Her. Hair. It hangs past her butt in gorgeous chestnut ringlets. Which gene apparently bypassed me, along with the one for even holding a curl when I try to force it.

Oh, did I mention? She's 13. Almost.

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