People whose talent I'd steal if I was morally bankrupt and, you know, had the ability to steal intangible things

I consider myself fairly self-confident. I'm not down on myself all the time, and there are actually a few things I can do that I'm proud of. But if given the opportunity to steal—or, more benevolently, replicate—other people's talent, here's who I'd go after.

Michael Phelps. The closest thing to a human amphibian.

Alicia Keyes. A voice like silk over gravel.

Barbara Kingsolver. I don't necessarily want to write exactly like her, but I sure wouldn't mind her success as a writer and a dose of her penchant for honesty.

David Sedaris. Because duh. He can break your heart and bust your gut in the course of a 10-page essay.

Misti Pavlov. If I can't own any of his artwork (yet), I'd at least like to be able to paint them myself.

The list could go on. Whose talent do you covet?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


magnolia said...

bruce springsteen: i'd love to be able to hold a crowd of tens of thousands in the palm of my hand like that for three solid hours a show.

bill clinton: largely the same reason.

stephen king: wildly underrated writer. i'd love to have that kind of skill.

rhett miller: i want to write a song like "barrier reef" someday. (LOVE the old 97's.)

Aury said...

Meg Cabot, Too many musicians to name.

ReticentPurple said...

Patrick Rothfuss, he has an amazing way with words.

And Douglas Adams.. one of the few authors who has consistently made me laugh out loud.

Basically anyone with a good singing voice. Mine is.. mostly nonexistent. Sara Bareilles, maybe.

Herself said...

Beyonce Knowles: her stage presence alone would make me want her abilities, let alone her fabulous voice. It is my life's ambition to meet her and befriend her.

Lindsay said...

Shirley Manson, I'm so obsessed with her voice.
And Jimmy Page's guitar skills, oh my god Jimmy Page + guitar.

Anonymous said...

OMG, magnolia: Bruce Springsteen. Had those same thoughts reading the post.

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