The Real Number and Types of Shoes I Need In Life

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Sure, chicks like shoes. And I am guilty of having purchased not one, not two, but THREE nearly identical pair of brown shoes, so I know that sometimes shoe-blindness sets in. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that with all the shoes I have in my closet, there are only five pairs that I regularly wear:

Black dress work shoes. Simple. Understated. Comfortable. They go with pretty much everything and are my go-to pair when I get dressed. Sure, I could wear those black patent leather loafers, but they kind of rub my ankle. These black shoes? Are like butter.

Comfortable summer sandals. These are worn not only every. single. day. in summer, I also put them on during the winter for putzing around the house. I spent a LOT of money on my Finns, but they are so comfortable and so well made that I have easily gotten the cost per wear down to about negative 25 cents in two years.

Flipflops. BUT ONLY FOR THE POOL OR BEACH OR REC CENTER SHOWER. These are NOT shoes. Ladies, come on now. The only reason to wear flipflops is to keep your feet from picking up disgusting athletes foot in one of the above mentioned areas. Invest in some decent summer sandals. Your feet and the world will thank you.

Black (or silver) leather dress shoes. Flats or pumps or sandals. Pick one. Pick a comfortable one and then wear them with EVERYTHING. Why do I have several pairs of strappy high-heeled shoes in my closet? Because I am an idiot and while they are great for wearing for about 20 minutes, pain sets in and then it’s over. I wear my comfortable (and cute! Seriously, you can find them!) black dress shoes and don’t have to worry about my feet blistering and bleeding and then ending up barefoot at a formal occasion.

Tennis shoes. You need to work out. I know. We all do. And unless you are swimming and can wear your flipflops to the pool (and ONLY to the pool -- okay, also in the shower after you swim), you’re going to need a good pair of workout shoes. This is the place to splurge, because you do not want to end up with a twisted ankle or bad arch support. You just don’t.

What kind of shoes are you wearing constantly? Please don’t say Crocs.


Melanie's Randomness said...

I need some reliable sneakers!! I have high arches so I need the support! I happily don't own even a pair of Crocs. =)

Suniverse said...

Melanie - I already heart you for not having crocs! I love my Drew sneakers. They have layers of supports so you can adjust as needed.

Herself said...

For most of the jobs I've ever had, I've had to wear heels. I spent €300 on a pair of amazing 4inch black closed toe heels that look amazing with skirts, pants, dresses, ANYTHING. They fit like a glove and I get them reheeled once a year. I've had them for 6 years and they are still like new. I literally couldn't survive (fashion wise) without them..xx

Kate said...

i live in my FLIP FLOPS! :) good old, OldNavy rubber/foam flips. let the cringing begin.

magnolia said...

i plead genetic imperative on the flip-flops thing. my mother spent nearly every day of her life, starting in around 1968, in dr. scholl's exercise sandals if she could pull it off at all. since they stopped making them for awhile, she bought me flip-flops instead. i wear them constantly.

when i went to a memorial service for her in florida given by a group of her friends i had never met, they recognized me by the fact that i had on a dress and flip-flops, and we all had a really nice laugh about it, actually.

but it is the big joke in my circle of friends about me and my lack of real shoes...

The Naked Redhead said...

A good, classic, round toed, not too chunky-but-also-not-too-thin heeled brown boot. Like @Herself, I splurged on mine and have them "tuned up" every year. I'm always complimented on them, and they are my go-to fall and winter shoe!

Suniverse said...

Herself - yes! If you spend on a good pair of shoes, they will last forever. And will always work with whatever you wear.

Kate - Oh! Kate! Please, just buy a pair of sandals. Almost the same, but so much nicer.

Magnolia - A nice pair of sandals? So comfortable . . . and pretty! Please?

Naked Redhead - Isn't it great to have that shoe? Good looking, long lasting and well worth it!

That Kind Of Girl said...

I'm definitely in the flipflops crew. Come summer or winter, unless there's active precipitation on the ground, I'm wearing men men's size medium Rainbow flipflops. (If there is precipitation -- lots of it -- I wear cowboy boots. Obviously.)

I've worn Rainbows exclusively for five years and plan on being married and buried in them. I do get judgmental looks in the winter, now that I've moved to Massachusetts, but I figure anyone who judges me based on what I put on my feet is exactly the sort of person I don't want in my life, not even passing through.

Suniverse said...

That Kind of Girl - Nice! I like your idea of using your footwear to separate the wheat from the chaff.

terra said...

I've got a pair of flats that are my go-to shoes for wearing with jeans. They are grey and adorable and comfortable.

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