Best Presents Recieved as a Child

Remember that year when Mum and Dad really came through for you? No socks, no sweater, no luggage under the guise of 'gifts.' What was the best loot you ever scored? Mine favorites were:
  1. Pound puppy
  2. Sweet, sweet boombox circa 1990
  3. White roller skates with purple wheels and pink laces
  4. Unicorn bedspread
  5. Ant farm (!?)
  6. Mini potter's wheel
  7. One of those giant art kits with water colors and colored pecils and lush, thick paper

Posted by Sarah


Zay said...

1. Sky blue bicycle with a white banana seat.
2. Gray and black big wheels with red and yellow flames down the side.
3. White roller skates with red and blue stripes.
4. Hot pink bicycle with a white seat designed with painted pink roses. It had a headlight and a groovy bell.
5. My family dog, Tiki.
6. An electric typewriter.
7. Atari console.
8. Super Nintendo console.

Jackie said...

1. Super Nintendo console
2. big Barbie Doll House
3. Polly Pockets' mansion
4. art kits upon art kits.

Mandy said...

1. Green, plastic, ride-on tractor (my cousins had one, and I HAD to have one too)
2. Rajah (tiger from Aladdin) stuffed animal
3. Super Nintendo

Chrissy said...

1. a pet turtle
2. an ant farm (me, to!)
3. complete set of anne rice's vampire chronicles.
4. cabbage patch kid

Anonymous said...

1. A barbie beetle
2. Easy-bake oven
3. Razr Scooter
4. Camera

Cara said...

1. Pound Puppy (I had totally forgotten about that until you listed is sarah!)
2. The doll that pees and poops
3.Game boy- confirmed that santa was in fact real, as my parents didn't "believe" in video games
4. Roller-blades
5. Hot pink two-wheeler with a flower basket

SassyTwoSocks said...

1. T-shirt with my name on it in sparkly, shiny letters (I was 2)
2. Nintendo

Bridey said...

1. Trampoline (installed secretly overnight)
2. Playhouse (also a secret, my parents said it was going to be a shed)
3. Cabbage Patch Kid with extra clothes sewn by my mother
4. Roller blades

Big City Bumpkin said...

1. a sylvanian families dolls house
2. a pink bike with a white basket and a bell
3. a rabbit
4. a climbing frame

Scribbles said...

1. My very own stereo - with a tape deck and everything
2. One of those tweenage electronic organisers - showing my true colours back then
3. Has to be the best - I had wanted rollerskates for about three years. I woke up at about 4am in the morning, felt around in my santa sack and grabbed hold of a foot brake - it was ROLLERSKATES! I went back to sleep happy!

Brooke said...

1. Polly Pockets!
2. Purple and black "big kid" bike (it had handle bar brakes and gears)
3. A boom box w/ cd player

(I'm still waiting on that Barbie Jeep though...)

Darcie said...

1) my first bike (a refurbished antique from the farm, rusty and sad looking. my dad took it apart and repainted it in the garage. cherry red and white. my sweet, sweet antique bike)

2) my first 35mm camera (i turned 17 and moved to art school. my mom and step-dad left it on my desk in my dorm room and i found it when i came back from class with a note and some money for film)

3)the original nintendo (a 'santa' gift to my brother and i, that we snooped and knew we were getting...little did we know it was used because mom and dad had been playing it at night for WEEKS before christmas while we slept!)

Vixel said...

1. My first diary, without which, I don't think I would have started blogging.
2. A computer!
3. All the many millions of books that took me through my childhood.
4. Frobisher my plushie cat!
5. A Scalextric track! I loved it!

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