Fabulous Things I'm Going to do on Xmas Day

Aside from the usual - giving and receiving presents and eating huge amounts of delicious food, here is a list of brilliant things I intend to do tomorrow, and why they will make me happy!
  1. Dress up! - Even though I'll most-likely spend the entire day in the house, dressing up on Christmas Day is one of my favourite traditions, it just makes the day feel that little bit more special.
  2. Catch up with my brother and sister-in-law -Phone and facebook communication's all very well, but it's no substitute for actually being in the same town once in a while.
  3. Play with my nephew - he'll be 3 in March so this will probably be the first Christmas he remembers, and he's a little sweetheart.
  4. Challenge my mother not to admit the superiority of my cupcake recipe to hers!
  5. Watch some seriously bad movies and enjoy every minute of them! (I'm hoping for Home Alone 2 - it's the quintessential Christmas movie!)
  6. Sing "Fairytale of New York" at the top of my voice without feeling too silly!
  7. Drink cocktails in the middle of the day!

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chrissy said...

We're actually doing Christmas a day early! Weird, but fun. Today, I'm going to:
1. Play lots of games with my boyfriend's family. We like Blitz, Scrabble, Ping Pong, and Rummikub.
2. Attempt to veganize as much of the dinner as I can. (So far, the mashed potatoes and stuffing are safe. I'm on the fence about the sweet potato casserole.)
3. Open presents!
4. Eat pumpkin pie!
5. Drink coffee and wine and then more coffee and then more wine.
6. Watch It's a Wonderful Life - the only Christmas movie that I like.

LJ said...

happy holidays!!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Girl 29 said...

Oh. My. God. I just found this blog through a comment chain of sorts, and it is AMAZING. I am a total list addict, and didn't know there were so many awesome blogging people who share my obsession! :) I will now be reading every day. Merry Christmas!

Rebecca said...

01. Dressing up for dinner.
02. Wearing the paper hat from my Christmas cracker.
03. Listening non-stop to my Christmas playlist.
04. Wearing/reading/using as many of my presents as I can.

Edith said...

1. Wear bright pink tights in an attempt to be perky and festive.
2. Devour an entire chocolate cake.
3. Surprise my mother by calling her on Skype and leaving my sister with the task of attempting to explain to mom what the hell Skype is. (Bwahaha!)
4. Make some lemon shortbread cookies to replace the cake I ate. :D

Bridey said...

Fabulous things that I actually did on Xmas:
1. Ate a lot of nice food (no surprise there!)
2. Listened to NZ music and pined for summer
3. Had an afternoon nap
4. Looked at holiday photos
5. Spoke to my parents on Skype

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