Greatest Animals Ever

  1. Sloth
  2. Wolf
  3. Seahorse
  4. Mongoose
  5. Snake
  6. Cat
  7. Puffer Fish
  8. Raven
  9. Bat

What are your favourite animals?

Posted by Bridey


Sarah Von said...

1. Otters, both sea and river.
2. Baby pigs (but only babies)
3. Red Pandas
4. Capibaras
5. Smash-faced cats
6. Bunnies (particularly when they are full of disapproval)
7. Any deep sea fish, ever. But especially pilot fish

Jackie said...

1. Any kind of bear, but specifically Giant Pandas
2. Penguins
3. Cats, wild and domesticated
4. Elephants

Anonymous said...

1. Degu
2. Chinchilla

Bridey said...

@ Sarah Von - I have to agree that rabbits of the disapproving variety are great!

Scribbles said...

1. Penguins
2. Lemurs
3. Butterflies (I know these are really an insect but *shrug*)
4. Chameleons
5. Otters - especially the hand holding otters on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

1. Bulldogs (I'm like obsessed with them!)
2. Wolves
3. Tigers
4. Bunnies
5. Panda Bears!

Vixel said...

1. Cats - I'm definitely a cat person!
2. Sugar Gliders
3. Red Pandas
4. Stoats
5. Chinchillas
6. Wolves
7. Bats
8. Squirrels
9. Ferrets
10. Terrapins

I have beanie babies of many of these sitting on my bookshelf. I am a grown up, honest!

Femin Susan said...

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Anonymous said...

Meerkats. Who needs other animals?

Vixel said...

Ooh yes! Meerkats are adorable!

Cath said...

Sea stars

Michael G. said...

What kind of list of "Greatest Animals Ever" omits the awesomeness of the Liger? And where is the Narwhal? Possibly both deserving of their own dedicated lists?

Bridey said...

@ Michael G - how remiss of me to overlook such creatures. Although I still think that the sloth is number one!

Rebecca said...

01. Emperor penguins
02. Seahorses
03. Camels
04. Owls
05. Reindeer (I love those furry antlers)
06. Geckos

Michael G. said...

In Uruguay they recently found the skull of a rat that they estimate would have weighed a tonne. Putting this vision aside, here is my list of the 7 creatures of this earth that achieve greatness by demanding respect:

1. Candiru
2. The Tibetan Fox
3. Narwhal
4. The Dinopis spider
5. Liger
6. Giraffe Weevil
7. Manatee

Chrissy said...

1. Dogs! (Specifically my own, but any dog will do in a pinch.)
2. Elephants
3. Lions
4. Bats
5. Cows

KellyMurphyLee said...

1. dogs (esp. basset hounds, dachshunds, and sharpeis)

2. otters :]

3. manatees

4. cheetahs

5. koalas

Anna said...

1. Dragons (shut up I love them)
2. Cuttlefish
3. Ferrets
4. Iguanas
5. Cats
6. Penguins

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