Totally Materialistic and Shallow Things I Would Do if I Had Unlimited Funds!

Forget about investments, giving to charity, paying off debts, etc. When all that's done and the money's still flying in, what would you do with it all? I would:
  1. Hire some fabulous designer to create a collection just for me, with clothes for every occasion then have them made to my measurements in the most beautiful expensive fabrics money could buy!
  2. Quit my job and spend my time writing.
  3. Have frequent champagne breakfasts.
  4. Start a blog where I review all the best restaurants in the country, and make it my mission to eat at all of them!
  5. Construct a vault and fill it with coins then dive in! Just like Scrooge McDuck!
  6. Buy a private jet and fly to restauraunts in other cities / countries when I get bored of domestic fayre!
  7. Become a Space Tourist.
  8. I must admit, probably have the odd nip and tuck here and there - nothing drastic, but if I can afford to iron out a few of my visual imperfections then why not?!
  9. Have Nine Inch Nails play at my birthday party!
  10. Buy a Bugatti Veyron (possibly learning to drive first) and drive it on the Nürburgring whilst yelling "Wheeeeeee!"

A girl can dream!

Posted by Vixel


Jackie said...

1. Globe Trot
2. Pay for the rest of my college education
3. Globe trot again
4. Buy a Nintendo Wii and a PS3
5. Go on a huge shopping spree in the fancy malls
6. Globe trot?

Cath said...

1. Travel the whole world.

2. Write full time.

3. Learn to fly and always go to Paris, London and Italy to shop.

4.Scuba Dive all over the world.

5. Learn to drive Top Fuels.

6. Have a wireless house.

Anonymous said...

1. Quit my job and write all the time
2. Take yoga classes every day
3. Take dance classes every day
4. Become a patron of the arts

Cara said...

1. Move to the UK...tomorrow, but obviously purchase a penthouse suite in Boston for the frequent trips back on a private jet.
2. Eat sushi for dinner every night.
3. Take private dance lessons specifically to learn Beyonce's moves.
4. Ski, scuba-dive, or sky dive at least 3 times a month.
5. Go out for fancy drinks every saturday night with the girls, and not feel bad about having more than one!

Rebecca said...

01. Buy a black Mercedes and hire a driver.
02. Hire a PA to get me organised.
03. Travel, travel, travel.
04. Buy a penthouse with a large wardrobe.
05. Update my wardrobe every season.

Scribbles said...

1. Liposuction - I am so not losing weight as fast as I want
2. Buy a gorgeous house right on the beach
3. Travel often, visit all my gorgeous "sisters" around the world.
4. Do a total wardrobe revamp - well I'm going to have to after the liposuction, that's just a given.
5. I'd still work, but use the cash to give myself a life of leisure outside of this - personal cook, maid, butler, handsome gardener, etc :D

Bridey said...

1. More travel. A lot more travel.
2. Have houses in my favourite locations around the world
3. Spend a lot of money on an extensive new wardrobe
4. Buy a grand piano and a selection of harps
5. Have my favourite musicians perform for me frequently

Chrissy said...

1. Ride my bicycle across the United States.
2. Buy a farm and fill it with dogs and cows.
3. Hire a designer to create a line of clothes just for me. (What a great idea!)
4. Hire a vegan chef, a housekeeper, and personal masseuse.
5. Write full time. All the time.

Beth said...

1. buy a house near where I go to school + have some of my friends move in with me... and decorate it, fabulously (can we make a list of things we want in our dream house?)
2. Learn how to sew, + make fabulous things all the time
3. Shop. A lot.
4. Buy music indiscriminately
5. Get a Desktop, a tablet, + photoshop
6. Okay, this is sort of donation-wise, but there are a lot of theaters I would love to become a top donor to (so I can get invited to the parties!)
7. Throw costume galas
8. Yep, champagne breakfast
9. Give my father money to start up a restaurant (+ throw money on all of my other family members)
10. Live in Manhattan.
11. Be able to create every day.

Anonymous said...

1. Buy a Macbook
2. Get a new car
3. Quit my job and embark on an indefinitely lasting roadtrip.
4. Completely overhaul my wardrobe
5. Once settled, buy a family of sugar gliders & equipment
6. Finally try Dom Perignon to see if it's as good as they say.
7. Take my mom on a trip to Europe.
8. Get skin resurfacing.
9. Set up a regular schedule of facials!
10. Move to the east coast again...maybe Asheville.

Dallas Shaw said...

great shoes


Erin said...

1) Buy a gorgeous horse farm.
2) Buy a gorgeous beachside cottage
3) Buy a gorgeous, small log cabin in the mountains.
4) Travel to somewhere awesome thrice yearly.
5) Get massage/readjustment/facial/mani-pedi on a regular basis.

Anna said...

1. Move to NYC.
2. Buy whatever clothing I wanted, regardless of cost.
3. Get a hi-tech, custom closet organization system installed.
4. Tons of travel.
5. Aforementioned Scrooge McDuck-type activities.
6. Buy a PC. (I love my Mac, but I want a PC for gaming!)

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