Sharing Secrets

A certain aura of mystery will always surround the Secret Society of List Addicts. However, that doesn't mean that we have to keep all of our secrets...

Here are some previously undisclosed facts about me:
  • I have fallen in love once before
  • I believe in ghosts
  • I love change
  • I am incredibly stubborn
  • I do all of my serious thinking in the shower
Your turn! Tell us some of your secrets.

Posted by Bridey


Vixel said...

* I find it very difficult sometimes to admit that I may be wrong about something.
* One of my secret guilty pleasures is reading fanfic!
* I become infatuated ridiculously easily, but it takes a lot to make me fall in love.
* I come up with some of my best ideas whilst on the loo at work!
* I took a couple of drags on a cigarette at a friend's house when I was about 10, and it put me off for life.

Anonymous said...

This site is awesome!!! Okay here it goes:
- Sometimes I'd rather be alone then hang out with anybody
- I have my ex boyfriends childhood stuffed animal and I think he thought he lost it
- I use to push the Ouija board

Chrissy said...

I'm very excited to be a part of this fun and inspiring new blog! Here are some secrets about me:

* Out of all the things I ever wanted to be when I grew up, my current career was never on the list.
* I am possibly the most insecure narcissist on the planet.
* When I studied abroad in Ireland, I was very broke and wrote other peoples' papers for 40 euro a piece, which I promptly spent at the bar.
* I make a big deal out of everyone's birthday, but it's mostly so they'll make a big deal out of mine when the time comes!
* I don't know how I feel about marriage, and don't plan on getting married until I figure it out.
* I am good at giving advice, and bad at taking my own.
* As naive as it may be, I truly believe that deep down, people are good and that everything will be okay.

Sarah Von said...

* I will totally pick my nose if I think you're not looking
* I think I'm at least a little psychic
* I inherited a genetic mutation from my Dad's side of the family - one of the bones in each of my pinkies is triangular
* I have the same birthday as Michael Jackson
* I love to eat cookie dough, bread dough, cake batter. All manner of un-baked baked goods, really.
* I call The BFF's cats my 'kitty nephews'

Darcie said...

- i've secretly used toothbrushes that aren't my own.

- sometimes i KNOW i'm wrong, but i still don't apologize.

- i firmly believe that laundry loads should be separated by towels, pants, socks and underware, my work clothes and tshirts. sometimes sweaters can do with pants, color doesn't matter.

Erin said...

- I am a closeted space nerd, although I don't really try to hide the fact. It just (predictably) doesn't come up in conversation a lot because few other people are closeted space nerds. (Did you know that the skin of the LEM was only as thick as a couple layers of tin foil?!)

- I was jealous of my friend Caroline who's dad is a radio show host in Chicago because he interviewed Matt Damon once and they talked about Caroline. Matt Damon talked about my friend with her father. Who wouldn't be jealous?

- Sometimes I actually want my husband to argue with me, instead of deferring and telling me I'm right, because I'm not convinced that I am right.

Cara said...

I not-so-secrety love lists, and here are my reasons why:
- Just writing them makes me feel productive, even if I never get to cross anything off
- Once I've gotten my thoughts down I feel a little less crazy
- I make lists of what I need to remember the next morning and lay it next to my bed just about every night, without this, I would never sleep
-My list ap on my igoogle home = such a great life tool
-Writing lists is the best way to procrastinate, and really who doesn't like finding more ways to procrastinate?
- I love the little things in life, and lists help me do just that!

Zay said...

- As a teenager I loved historical trashy romance novels and tried to hide it because I felt others would judge me.

- It's very challenging for me to not be introverted. I work on this about myself every day.

- Even though I accept change I'd rather stick to my well oiled routine. I'm definitely a creature of habit.

- I daydream about being an exceptional hip hop and break dancer. In my daydream I always have a large audience and everyone is really into me.

Sarah Von said...

Zay - I totally, totally share in the hip hop dancer fantasy. In fact, I pretty much try to bring this fantasy to life every time I go out dancing.

Dollface said...

This is a brilliant idea!

- Although I value my alone time, I feel better when someone is in the room with me.

- I bake cookies and brownies just to eat the un-baked dough (Sarah, I had to second that one)

- I buy magazines just to have something to put on my walls

- I have a clothing addiction but I'd really like to become a minimalist.

SassyTwoSocks said...

First off... I feel like I'm your long lost twin or something (to all four of you) because I'm a major list freak. I'm also anal-retentive. Check out a two-part guest blog I wrote --> Part I: Part II:

Also, I'm TOTALLy digging the design layout here. Who did it?

Also, here's my list: (and I'm going ALL out because it wouldn't truly be a secret otherwise, right?)

1. I'm looking for a new job.
2. I haven't had an orgasm in many months.
3. I wax "it" all off. Yup. Everything. Even the back strip (which is surprisingly the least painful part).
4. I have had a sex dream about past a boss.
5. I've always known that my mom loves my sister more than me.
6. I talk to my cats like they were people when no one is around.

Scribbles said...

Here's my list of secrets:
- I'm a pretty good hip hop dancer and I secretly love dropping it on the floor and everyone's all like "Sheee-it, white girl can dance!"
- I have my ex's favourite singlet and have secret fantasies of getting down to my goal weight and doing a sexy shoot in this singlet and sexy lingerie, then sending it to him so he knows what he's missing.
- I use bigger words when I'm wasted then I do when I'm sober, I forget to dumb it down. Only my closest friends notice that I do this.
- I'm continuously worried I'll turn into my grandad, an abusive alcoholic, which is why I only really cut loose on the drinking on rare occasions.
- I worry all the time that because I've been in love three times, I've used up my quota and I won't find my soul mate.

chrissy said...

These are such good secrets! What a great start for a new blog!

Sarah Von said...


The waxing: on a scale of 1-10 exactly how painful is it?

I believe that Bridey found this layout online? Pretty swank, innit? I really like the little post-it bits.

Scribbles: Are you my alter ego? I love to be all "Ohhh, I'm just an enthusiastic dancer, I'm not sure I'm any good." When, really, I kind of know that girlfriend can bring it.

SassyTwoSocks said...

Well, my waxer (yeah, I have a wax person), says I have a high pain tolerance cause I never flinch. But I would rate the most painful part of a bikini wax (the part closest to your bellybutton) as a 7. And I would rate the "buttock strip" a 2. Not bad at all. The pain is barely perceptible actually. It kinda feels like if you stuck masking tape on your arm and pulled it off.

Sal said...

You ladies are BRILLIANT. As a consummate list-maker, I promise to visit often.

- I sucked a pacifier until I was nine. Security issues much?

- I dream about reconciling with my college ex at least once a month.

- I was accepted into a Spice Girls-style a-cappella group while living in SF ... but declined because I would have no artistic input in the project

- The spores you find on the back of house fern leaves freak me out. Like more than blood.

Anonymous said...

My husband is in Prison

I dream about cheating on him

Im too in love for that

I masturbate too much

I think im a good writer

I just ate 3 butterfinger's ( what a pig)

Edith said...

Epic idea! :D

My secret list:
- I still hate my ex-roommate from my sophomore year of college and passionately so.
- I hate babies.
- I love the power-trip that I get when my ex pitches a fit about wanting me back.
- I've been an atheist since I was 11 and feel more confident about it every day.
- I drink about two liters of iced tea a day.
- I absolutely adore the artwork on this page!

Bobbie said...

I secretly love people that secretly love lists!

I made a list this morning while waiting for a coworker to arrive onsite.

Getting dirty makes me incredibly happy.

I went to school for Geology, currently work in that field, and secretly would rather it be a hobby.

I would rather be alone than anywhere in the world.

I cry when I think about all of the hatred in the world and often daydream about how to correct it all.

Anonymous said...

my secrets
i'm planning on breaking up with him- and its mostly because of sex
i'm putting off breaking up with him just so i don't have to spend christmas alone
i spent most of last night flirting with a good friend... its a good thing he has a flat mate
biggest secret? none of these make me feel as guilty as they should

Anonymous said...

- when i was twelve one of my favorite past-times was to take long walks with cigarette in one hand, walkman in the other, daydreaming that i was some sort of bad ass Angelina Jolie type person. i just turned thirty. i still do this (minus the smokes).

- i'm still learning to trust my body. i'm pretty sure it's my enemy in disguise.

- believing in God makes no sense to me. not believing in him is just as confusing.

- i love my mom. she's my hero. but i don't want to be anything like her.

- i'm kind of a loner and i'm ok with that.

Beth said...

-I secretly think I'm better than all of my friends who can't get their homework done on time.

-The thing I am most worried about when going abroad is how I'm going to pack my clothing.

-I'm falling in love with my boyfriend at exactly the wrong moment.

-I really regret not sleeping with my friend when we were both drunk last New Year's.

Lana said...

*I really, really enjoy going on vacation by myself.

*I think I'm a little prettier when I'm a little fatter.

*I'll re-wear wool socks for days at a time.

*I have to restrain myself from being that person who ALWAYS talks about herself.

*My all-time-most-wished-for talent is to be able to sing, and be famous in a band. Pity the stage fright.

Sophie said...

Ooh ditto to the loving of lists!
Here we go..
* I think I may be addicted to marijuana, but find myself at my most creative when I smoke. However, I fear mental illness one day!
* I'm a compulsive misanthrope when I find myself let down.
* I think I may have underlying talent in some area, but cannot find where.
* The only dreams I remember from when I was a kid was of my dad disappearing, and I can't work out why.
* I have a current adoration for mushy peas.
* I can sleep for hours and hours and not wake up because of vivid, super adventurous dreams.. unfortunately more exciting than real life.

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic blog and I'm sorry I didn't come across it sooner, as I too, am a consumate list addict!

- I am a closet nerd (as in I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica... just to name a few).

- I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology but I am OCD.

- I sucked my thumb until I was five.

- I once had a dream that I kissed my husband's twin brother. Very weird!

- My dog (chocolate lab) Dakota is my child and I have one sided conversations with her and imagine she understands exactly what I'm saying.

- I am a military wife and though I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, I feel like I put some of my dreams on the backburner so my husband could persue his, and am still trying to find myself.

Anonymous said...

I adore this blog!!!

1. I feel smarter and more mature than most of my friends (in fact, all the people my age)

2. I love my mom more than I love my dad.

3. I tell people that I don't have any regrets about my past, but it isn't true.

4. I've hurt someone intentionally more than once in my life.

5. I hate it when people tell me I'm smart, because deep down I know it's true, but I don't wanna agree with them because I'm afraid I'll sound arrogant.

6. I've never been in love.

Michael said...

- I'm almost 21, I've never had sex and I never want to. It's uninteresting. And yes, I'm a guy.

- I'd rather be alone or stay indoors then go out with "friends" (of course I'm an introvert)

- I always think about my first (and only) ex-girlfriend

- It makes me sick when people spend all of their money on wanted items (especially in excess). I'm a minimalist.

- I want to travel with little to no money (hitchhike, train hop, etc.) and disappear from society

- I don't want to work or go to school (rather be a bohemian)

- I still sleep with stuffed animals (but also adore things from my childhood, whether it be a special blanket, toys... you get the idea)

*My biggest secret: I still have slight problems with wetting the bed. Stress is a big factor, I think.

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