Moments When I Realize I'm an Adult

  1. Hearing the sound of my heels clicking busily on hardwood
  2. In the midst of an in-depth and complicated explanation, realizing I know what I'm talking about
  3. Buying and using kitchen wares
  4. Buying and using curling irons/hot rollers/straighteners
  5. Okay, I've never used hot rollers or straighteners in my entire life
  6. Putting a purse over my shoulder
What about you?

Posted by Sarah


Bridey said...

1. Flying alone
2. Buying alcohol & not being asked for ID
3. Attending business meetings in cafes
4. Having people ask me for advice
5. And walking quickly in high heels (Sarah you are so right about that!)

Vixel said...

1. Using my credit card sensibly!
2. Being able to hold a conversation with people my parents' age and realising we're all thinking on the same wavelength.
3. Definitely buying alcohol and not getting ID'd (though at first I found I was asked for ID more after I turned 18 than before!)
4. Giving advice to my mother and having her listen and adhere to it.
5. Staying in hotels on my own and not feeling out of my depth.
6. The hotel loyalty scheme I recently joined!

Chrissy said...

1. Realizing that I am more financially secure than my parents.
2. Seeing my friends get pregnant, on purpose.
3. Finally accepting the fact that I am not a night owl, and going to bed before 11pm nearly every night.
4. Wondering if I'm getting enough fiber.
5. Knowing what a 401K and an IRA are. (Kind of.)
6. Looking forward to Saturday afternoons at home, when the only thing on my agenda is drinking tons of coffee and cleaning my apartment.

Erin said...

1) Looking around my house and realizing almost none of it looks like a dorm room.
2) Looking around my house and realizing there's a nursery with an almost-year-old baby in it.
3) Taking business trips.
4) Having international conference calls.
5) My professors from college insisting I call them by their first names.
6) Considering 1 a.m. late, rather than "still early"

Zay said...

1. Considering what it would be like to be a mom.
2. Worrying about if we're saving enough for our retirement.
3. Advising students about life as they call me Mrs. or Ma'am.
4. Having younger friends who are going through life phases I have already experienced.
5. Having a moment when I really did think, "Get off my effing lawn, ya punk."
6. Worrying about when it is appropriate to rock out my inked back.

Anonymous said...

1. Casual Friday
2. Company potlucks for the holidays
3. Realizing I can't stay out till all hours of the morning on weeknights anymore. :(
4. Needing caffiene in the morning

Jackie said...

1. Living in my own apartment
2. Cooking and going grocery shopping
3. Going to college. I'm a junior, but I don't think this idea has sunk in all the way
4. Traveling alone. I hadn't done it until after my 20th birthday.
5. Using my credit card sensible
6. Paying Rent (ugh)

Darcie said...

* when i pay the mortgage.
* thinking how i could feasibly date someone in their 40's and it wouldn't be that weird.
* planning a 'date night' with my husband.
* feeling guilty for believing that a poster taped to the wall can be respectable house decor.
* the heels-clicking-on-floor thing, for sure...

Laura said...

1. My parents swearing in front of me
2. My parents talking about sex in front of me (I will never be old enough to hear that)
3. Having a savings account
4. Starting sentences with, "When I was your age..."
5. Eating vegetables and realising that I actually like them

SassyTwoSocks said...

1. Being called "Mam" by younger people.
2. Worrying about whether I would be able to make rent that month.
3. Having to pay lots of bills.
4. Getting my own cat.
5. Telling my parents all the stories of my sneaking out of the house when I was a kid (and them not getting mad!)
6. Being able to stay in the same bed with my boyfriend when I visit home.

Sarah Von said...

Oooh, staying in the same bed as your boyfriend is a big one, isn't it? That's been a pretty recent development for us. Grown-ups that we are.

Anonymous said...

1. When I have conversations that involve the weather
2. Paying rent for my apartment
3. When I get calls from telemarketers
4. When I get to vote
5. Buying the newspaper because I'm interested in its content
6. Drinking lattes

Big City Bumpkin said...

Oh my god just stumbled on this blog and I love it! I too am a list addict. I write them all the time, on anything and everything. It's so good to know I'm not alone!!

1. Paying attention to and actually understanding conversation with my friends when they discuss the economy
2. Being a bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding earlier this year
3. Not getting asked for ID when I buy booze
4. Coming out with phrases my Mum said to me when I'm babysitting friend's kids.
5. And yes the high heel thing. You're so right.

Scribbles said...

1. Friends not only having weddings and babies, but proper planned families
2. Have to agree with the high heels thing - striding across the hardwood floor of the arts centre, clacking away.
3. Being asked if I'm the relieving teacher by the kids who are in the class of a teacher I went to visit.
4. The gasp as they find out what year I graduated their school - it was only six and a half years ago, I'm not that old.
5. Feeling "nesty" even though I don't have a partner or kids, I think that once you get to a certain age you want a place of your own.
6. The conversations at parties - instead of who you slept with or how wasted you were, it's mortgages and insurance and savings LOL

honorarykiwi said...

I'll echo the friends with husbands/wives and babies thing a hundred times over.
Realising my closest friends are what my little brother considers old.
For that matter, realising my baby brother will be an adult in the eyes of the law (but never mine dammit!) in 3 months.
Realising I can't remember the names of some of my past teachers (or maybe that's just bad memory?)
I just made a 101 in 1001 list. Realising that a good number of those had to do with budgeting, money, and looking far further into the future than 1001 days.
Finding myself listening to what I used to call "Daddy music"... and enjoying the hell out of it.
Having a cashier call me "ma'am" =/

(Sarah, I love this. And miss you. =P)

carleen said...

1. selling and purchasing a house
2. having a baby
3. saying things like "don't make me come down there" to my son
4. planning, budgeting and purchasing xmas gifts two months in advance.

Keith said...

I considered myself very adult until I read everyone else's. But I won't let them discourage me.

1. Watching my friend buy alcohol at the next door 7-11 for a younger version of me.
2. Believing that I can actually make this relationship work (like, really work).
3. Finding some enjoyment out of listening to news radio.
4. Having an opinion about political and philosophical issues.
5. Having to work with a semi-normal schedule.

valerie said...

1. Listening to easy listening radio.
2. Sleeping in until 8am is a big deal.
3. Sweatpants never felt so good.
4. Getting drunk off of 2 glasses of wine.
5. Actually having to worry about insurance premiums going up.

Romeika said... for myself and enjoying the meal.
2.going for a meeting with my danish social integration advicer alone without having my husband translating everything to english for me. the flat.
4.being married.
5.feeling old sometimes.

hehe such a boring list, yours was so much more interesting!


Yaya said...

1. Knowing what my bank balance is
2. Being asked my opinion at business meetings
3. Becoming house proud
4. Feeling responsible for feeding my guests
5. Becoming a friend to my mom

Tash said...

Before I write this comment, I feel like stating that I can't walk in high heels, I don't intend to in the future and I suppose I will never feel the confidence others feel in the click clack on wooden floor boards.

1) When cooking for one feels lonely.
2) Making an active effort to call my Mum more often.
3) Budgeting.
4) Taking active steps to fulfill my life's dreams.
5) Loving unconditionally.

Sophie said...

* Realising its time to get my own place and not live with friends.
* Going back to my home town, and realising my life is somewhere else now.
* Having complete control over my finances.
* Drinking coffee in cafes alone.
* Seeing gangs of teenagers and realising it was years ago that that was me.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

1. The day I got my first debit card (right before starting college).
2. Freshman year of college and moving out of my parents' house and into a dorm room.
3. Exercising my right to vote for the first time in the 2004 election.
4. Traveling alone.
5. Graduating college and getting married and following my military husband across the country.
6. Learning how to cook and paying bills/rent.
7. Sophie, I have to agree with you: "Going back to my home town, and realising my life is somewhere else now."
8. And have to agree with everyone else that said "being called ma'am".
9. Raising a dog with my hubby and now wanting to have a baby!

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