Things I Will Definitely Achieve in 2009

Everyone knows that it's the time of year for resolutions and goal setting. Across the globe people are compiling various lists of things they want to accomplish in the year ahead. Most of these lists will probably be forgotten within a few weeks, days, or even hours.

But don't be discouraged! To make sure that your goals number among the minority of New Year's Resolutions that are actually achieved then...

...make them unbeliveably fun!

My goals for 2009:
  1. Host a cupcake food fight
  2. Learn the whole of the Thriller dance
  3. Visit five new countries
And if you still need a bit of social pressure to accomplish them, why not share your goals in the comments?

Posted by Bridey


Suzi said...

My boyfriend asked me (when I read the 2009 goals aloud to him) if those would be concurrent or simultaneous? I said I didn't know, but all sounded more fun than my list (which I am still composing) of "streamline wardrobe" "abstain from losing temper when boss says moronic things" and "get really good bed". Obvious, I need to add some more fun and frivolity to my list. A sub-list may be called for. :D

Suzi said...

Damn! Concurrent and simultaneous mean same thing.

#11 on list: Do not use redundant words!


Cath said...

1- Use reusable bags

2. Use the train to go to the university at least 3 times a week.

3- Finish this year at least 40 credits with no less than 3.50 GPA

4-Learn to plant.

5. All my bills come online and will be payed when Im in the university since there's a bank there.

6. Reconnect with the old people of my life, my grandfather from my dad's side and my godparents.

7.Start my blog

8. Win NaNoWriMo

9. Do more exercise and eat more healthy.

10. Open a CD

11. Adopt a local shelter dog while he is in the shelter ( el faro de los animales 15 dollars a month can help a dog)

12. Go to visit my shelter dog at least 1 a month ( its an hour drive)

13.Walking my own dogs 4 times a week.

14. Learn to sew.

15- Positive thoughts!

Sarah Von said...

1. Make a meal that I eat exclusively with my hands
2. Wear blue eyeliner
3. See a 3-D movie
4. Start wearing more leg warmers
5. Buy more cute underwear

Vixel said...

1. Wear ridiculous amounts of glitter to work on an ordinary day.
2. Create and name a cocktail that everyone loves
3. Overcome my fear of performing karaoke in public!

Chrissy said...

1. Wear tights and short skirts more often.
2. Learn to make delicious smoothies at home.
3. Cupcake food fight. I'm stealing that one! :)

Anonymous said...

1. Learn sign language
2. Finish revising my NaNoWriMo novel into something I would possibly want to publish.

Anonymous said...

1. Improve my posture
2. Not sound so American whilst speaking french
3. Keep my room clean (rather impossible for me)
4. Screen print more+ make more of my own clothes
5. Take more risks and not be so good

Anonymous said...

I've totally given up on traditional ones such as 'save more money' or 'eat healthier' and decided on one that desperately needed sorting out - my organization.

To encourage me to get into the changing mood I bought myself a new notebook (despite the fact I have trillions upon trillions of perfectly empty ones) which I can proudly say has already been put to use!

Apart from the fun part of buying new things I don't need, I've also decided to try out doing different challenges each month, just for the pure fact to prove what you can do if you set your mind to it. For example, say, January might be - go to the gym at least twice a week, and then August might be - go to 5 different beaches.

It's all well saying this, depends whether it's still intact come March!! :)

Happy New Year everyone!

Anonymous said...

Obviously I'm a bit late with these, but I've just discovered this fabulous site. However I can still remember my resolutions which must be a good sign:

1) stop taking an interest in ex-husbands life

2) more recycling (already use supermarket re-useable bags, but have pretty much stopped taking bags in shops generally - it gets shop assistants very confused creating great comedy value on top of saving the environment!)

3) finish paying off last of debts (done- hoorah!) and start saving for a rainy day

4) start a home inventory

Hope you're all still keeping up with yours!

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