Ways to Keep Busy on Long Car Rides

It's the holiday season, and for many people that means travel. This year, my partner and I (and our 110 pound dog) are driving from Texas to Illinois - about a 13 hour ride. In honor of our upcoming adventure, I offer you this list.
  1. Clementines, oranges and tangerines. Peeling and eating these babies will keep you busy and fill the car with a yummy citrus scent.
  2. Take lots of photographs of the interior of the car. You'd be surprised how artsy you can get with rearview mirrors, fast moving landscapes, and dashboard lights.
  3. Sending text message updates to Twitter, letting your followers know where you are and what you're doing.
  4. Call your mom for a chat. You can't really do that enough, anyway.
  5. Brainstorm. We always bring a notebook along in the car, and while we're driving we make up lists - home improvement projects, ways we can save money, cities in which we may want to one day live, etc.
This is a short list, and I'm hoping for some new ideas in the comments. We leave on Friday, the 19th, so don't be shy!

Posted by Chrissy


Bridey said...

The ways that I usually occupy my time while travelling:

1. Sleeping
2. Reading until I feel sick
3. Playing the Universe Game (similar to 20 Questions but with unlimited questions and can last for hours)
4. Eating. Lots of eating!

Zay said...

1. Reading!
2. Nintendo DS Lite
3. Eating. Lots of eating! **I agree Bridey**
4. Playing 80s tunes and singing loudly like loons.
5. Cuss loudly at other drivers.

KB said...

1. Singing loudly and to cars that are passed.
2. Playing games. A few of our favorite road trip games are ...
a. What are you doing?
b. ABC Picnic
c. ABC Road sign search
3. Catching up on phone calls (the only time I can sit still enough to talk on the phone).
4. Knitting.
5. Crocheting.
6. This American Life / Car Talk / Wait, Wait, Don't tell me downloaded free on the ipod. That's three hours right there.

Sarah Von said...

I am totally with KB on the MPR story shows. Also:

'Would you rather?' game
Car Dancing

Jackie said...

Reading until I feel sick.
Listen to my iPod.
Play my Gameboy Advance until I get sick.
Listen to my iPod.

Flicker said...

In April, my family and I drove 3500 miles from one coast to the other. Here are my tips:

Learn to finger knit.
Finger knit a narrow scarf.
Listen to audio books.
Talk to strangers when you stop for gas.

Games I would not recommend:
Guess How Long I can Drive on Empty
Roadkill Bingo
Name That Smell

Vixel said...

1. Sleeping - I find it really hard to get comfy at night yet put me in a car and I can fall asleep instantly!
2. Eddie-spotting! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Stobart_Ltd.)I really am tragically nerdy sometimes!
3. Consuming vast amounts of sugary sweets and reading trashy magazines, all bought at motorway service stations - I can't read anything "heavier" in a car.
4. Hounding people with texts about how bored I am!
5. Writing my next blog post of course!


Chrissy said...

kegal exercises and how long can i drive on empty both made me laugh out loud! thanks for the great suggestions, y'all!

Anonymous said...

1. Having passengers read a book out loud.
2. Listening to specially made music mixes.
3. Playing 20 questions/Who am I?
4. Sleep (only okay for passengers)
5. Sing along to the radio - works best at full volume, driving slowly through a small town with the windows open.

Miss Beth said...

Ooh, I like Kegals! Should have remembered that for when I drove home.

I like the NPR iPod suggestions, those kept me busy when I was a "waver" + was paid to hold a sign + stand outside for hours on end.

A more dangerous iPod suggestion is... put it on shuffle. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SKIP ANY SONGS. How many can you sing all of the words to? How many make you so embarassed you try to jump out of the car? How many are you fairly sure were put on there by ghosts because you've never heard them in your life?

And my family is a chatty one, so we usually just natter + tell stories the whole time. Although, sleeping + knitting are good too.

Cath said...

Count how many red cars you see

In Spanish we call it "Veo veo" its a game where you ask someone what they are seeing and they answer with a color so you guess what object it is, you can play it with just the first letter of the name too.

Taking pictures is a good idea

Sing your ipod colecction

Rebecca said...

01. Sleeping.
02. Filing my nails.
03. Reading until I can't any longer.
04. Looking for kangaroos, wombats and echidnas.

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