Things I'd Like To Do With My Life

  1. Visit all the cities I've ever felt that I really need to visit. This is a list unto itself, and includes such destinations as Hong Kong, Riga, St. Petersburg and New Orleans.
  2. Get published, ideally in novel format but I haven't as yet managed to get beyond the fourth chapter of any that I start
  3. Have a career I can look back on and realise I loved, and that I balanced well with a great lifestyle.
  4. Fly a plane!
  5. Find the confidence and have the opportunity to perform on stage in front of a large audience.
  6. Change someone's life for the better.
  7. Invent something amazing.
  8. Own and fully decorate my own house. It'll have a white, black and dark red theme, with chandeliers and matching red kitchen appliances!
Posted by Vixel


Erin said...

1) Publish a book (I'm lucky enough to already be published in magazines/newspapers).
2) Live on a farm (not as a career but enough land to wander a bit, keep some horses, and maybe a cow or two and some chickens).
3) Travel more with my hubs and baby, so the little one can say he's been many places when he grows up.
4) Win or be given a large sum of money to pay off debts, pay off other people's debts (namely family),and relax about money already. Oh, and buy that farm.

Sarah Von said...

1) Join the Century club

2) Publish a book (possibly a deliciously weird children's book with fantastical illustrations)

3) Complete a triathalon

4) Climb up to Mt. Everest basecamp

5) Cook a meal entirely from food that I have grown or gathered

6) Have a family

7) Buy tickets for my parents to come visit me the next time I'm living abroad.

8) Own a really well trained animal

Chrissy said...

1. Publish a book! (That's a popular one!)
2. Provide for my parents.
3. Live in another country. I think Italy would be nice.
4. Run a marathon!
5. Raise chickens.
6. Do something wholly unique and inspiring that will be remembered for the rest of eternity. (I like to dream big.) ;)

Miss Beth said...

1. Draw, every single day (bonus points if it's in a big beautiful studio)
2. Get better at sewing
3. Live in my own house that I get to decorate in my own way
4. Organize a really big fabulous party
5. Continue my work on stage

Yep. They're not really 'do with my life' kind of things... because I don't have one big plan. :) Don't need one.

Scribbles said...

1. Publish a novel... write a novel first
2. Find a man I want to marry and have a gorgeous family
3. Own my own house, with a fenced section for dogs
4. Visit Europe, particularly France.
5. Learn to sew
6. Be an awesome teacher, changing kids' lives through acting.

Bridey said...

1. Travel the world
2. Learn two foreign languages
3. Own a house by the sea
4. Learn to play the harp, surf, sew, take great photos, scuba dive, sing...
5. Teach music
6. Get a PhD
7. Write novels and get them published
8. Live in France for a couple of years

I keep adding to this list every week!

cassie said...

1. Be self-employed
2. Sell things I've made
3. Have a completely handmade/altered/thrifted wardrobe of clothes
4. Have a passive income stream
5. Stay in New York
6. Grow food and eat it
7. Host a memorable party
8. Tour theme parks around the world

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