Childish Things!

  1. Awesome Kids Food - I'm not talking about the happy meals, I mean school lunch box food, the sort of thing that comes in brightly coloured packaging and requires you to dip or construct your food out of processed cheese slices and crackers. 
  2. Scalextric - another one that's really expensive now, but I used to love playing with slot cars, going too fast by accident and watching them fly off at the corners, and smelling the ozone smell that always came from the controllers after I'd been playing for a while. 
  3. Teen books - Point Horror books were a particular favourite, as were The Babysitters Club books, Sweet Valley High and of course, everyone remembers Judy Blume's Forever (I still think of it and occasionally giggle to myself whenever I hear the name Ralph)!
  4. Collecting stickers - I had a huge collection, I've no idea what happened to them all! I think I became bored of keeping them in an album and gradually used them all up.
  5. Plushies - My bookshelf is full of them!
  6. Friendship Bracelets - as well as those split-heart "best friends" necklaces, they were practically a contractual agreement to remain friends forever and at the time, we took them very seriously!
  7. Great kids TV - Today's shows just doesn't measure up to the television of my day (*grumble grumble*) though I must admit I do enjoy the odd episode of Hannah Montana. I'm talking about such works of genius as Clarissa Explains it All, the best British TV show ever made - Knightmare, all those great Australian shows that were always on the BBC such as The Girl from Tomorrow and Round the Twist and the original Transformers to name but a few!
  8. The days when going to the cinema was a great afternoon out, and we'd go early to eat ice cream in the cafe upstairs, then hang around quite happily afterwards, discussing the film until our lifts arrived. 
  9. Magazines like Shout with it's soap gossip, fashion spreads from Tammy Girl and period problem column, and Smash Hits (RIP) with it's awesome pull-out posters and free sticker sheets. 

What do you remember and love from your childhood that you'd still happily amuse yourself with today? 


Aiko said...

I remember Beanie Babies, and the connected obsession with collecting them.

Dollface said...

I love this list!

- Legos, definitely. They were my favorite toy.
- Beanie babies (I've packed them away, but I still have my favorite ones)
- Barbie dolls
- Gameboy games
- Art class in elementary school
- Arts & crafts time at home

Rachel said...

If you're looking to buy loose lego bricks, check out Lego's Pick-A-Brick store:

1. Playmobil - my sister and I had a huge collection of Playmobil sets that my mother bought for us when we lived in Germany. We called them (and still do to this day) the "guys". My mom tried to sell them at a garage sale recently, and we had to promise her grandchildren in order to get her to keep them.

2. Nancy Drew - I have read every single Nancy Drew book ever published, including some sleuth book that taught you how to analyze handwriting and search for clues. I was really sad when someone stole this book from my local library.

3. My mom used to take us to the pool during the summer, and we always had Tootsie Roll Pops as snacks for afterward.

4. Dress-up - my sister and I would play for hours. We both had very vivid imaginations.

5. My sister and I would build forts with our friends wherever we went. Luckily, we had a lot of woods and other open areas at our disposal on which to build them. We would play "survival" where we were pioneers building up our new lives.

6. Anne of Green Gables - another series I have read in its entirety. I also read the Emily books by the same author--they are even better (in my opinion).

7. Parks - my mom used to take us on the train to France several times a week to play in the parks. I remember HUGE slides. I thought that my memory was distorted because I was so tiny, but my mother confirmed that they were huge.

8. Four Square - my favorite recess activity.

9. My dad coached a lot of our sports teams when we were kids. I would love to have time to play in an adult soccer, volleyball or lacrosse league right now.

10. I loved the show Gummi Bears. I think it was on the Disney channel. I recently met someone who also loved that show as a child, and we were horrified/amazed to discover that we could still sing the theme song.

Sisa said...

My obsession with pink.

Young adult books


Teen Soap Operas

Ms Constantine said...

The great thing about being an adult is that you don't have to whine and plead with your parents to get the latest cool stuff. I can have it all (within reason)
That's why I always have at work or at home:
- My Little Ponys
- Hoops
- Beads and ribbons galore
- Chocolate and lollies

The thing I miss most is not having to dress for work, and being flexible enough to play games like elastics.

Zavi said...

1.Not caring if my clothes get dirty
2.Hair Barrettes
3.School Pictures
4.Piggy Back Rides
6.Dresses in fun colors with pockets

Winnie said...

I do love lego.

I just love being silly in general and making my 11yr old sister laugh!

Anonymous said...

Monkey bars
Kids menus
Playground games

Rebecca said...

01. Lego.
02. Playmobile.
03. Treehouses.
04. Dressing up.
05. Lunchtime swimming.
06. Sticker albums.
07. Sindy dolls.
08. Hair ribbons and headbands.
09. Trampolines.
10. Playing on the bars.

Debaser said...

1) the Disney Channel when it had first come into existence
2) Same for Nickelodeon; those shows were insane
4) coloring books

Lanika said...

Pollypockets, back when you bought a little compact that opened up to reveal a set with a little doll the side of your fingernail inside. You couldn't dress her up or anything like you can now, but it was fun. I bought my first one with the money I got from the tooth fairy for my two front teeth.

The Flintstones, the Jetsons, Bugs Bunny and Tweety, Road Runner, Scooby-Doo Where Are You?, Reboot, Ren and Stimpy, Hey Arnold, Stickin' Around, Animaniacs... I watched a lot of TV.

Where The Wild Things Are, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING by Robert Munsch, The Royal Diaries, The Princess Diaries, Anne Rice and Shakespeare (yes, I read those as a child)

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