Things At My Desk

Freya works in words. By day she is an editor for a publishing company, and by night she writes daily missives about life's better qualities on Fish nor Fowl. She loves cheese, Russian literature, and automatons.
  • Two My Little Ponies from McDonald's
  • Desk lamp covered in Vespa stickers
  • Office phone
  • Curel lotion
  • Giant plastic spider
  • Altoids tin full of change
  • Edward Gorey "Mystery" mug
  • Foam "stress reliever" cookie
  • Six-month old sticky note starred beyond recognition
  • Mac mini and apple monitor
  • Silver glitter stars
  • Stack of bubblegum pink rewritable CDs
  • Postcard of the largest working waterwheel in the world
  • Piles of paperwork
  • Empty Sweetriot tins
  • Sugar cookie scented Softlips chapstick
  • Purple hair elastic
  • Pink, green and blue highlighters
What can be found on your desk?


Godlesscupcake said...

* My Laptop & mouse
* Red Tin Lunchbox (with a knife shaped Queens of the Stone Age Sticker) concealing ipod & cell phone accoutrements
* Jam jars of beads, closures, findings, buttons, etc.
* various scissors
* A grey & bloody Gloomy Bear
* different kinds of tapes
* A small disco ball
* A small wedding pic in a black faux rococo/ neo-victorian/ goth frame
* repurposed gellato container filled with different colors od sewing thread
* Tin Lunchbox with a stop sign design concealing embroidery floss in every shade
* Plastic tumblers filled with knitting needles, crochet hooks, pens, colored pencils, markers and the glow in the dark Tinkerbell wand I've had for 20 years
* My rubber band ball
* Loads of unused postits
* My needle victim/sewing tomato
* My Little Pony Tin Lunch box concealing my secret stash of cigs, chocolate & pot

Nicola said...

- Laptop & mouse
- External hard-drive
- Necklace
- Bose headphones
- SD card reader
- iPod & usb cable
- Moleskine journal
- 3 glasses (?!)
- 3 books and a class reader
- Tiny notebook
- A pile of CDs, freshly burned to play in the car tomorrow
- TV remote
- Sharpie pen, regular pen
- Rolos wrapper

Wow, it's more than it looks like!

Vixel said...

My desk is a total mess, along with my PC monitor, reading lamp, keyboard and mouse are:

* A pile of used post-its
* An empty strawberry Pocky box
* My make-up bag
* A box of plasters (band-aids)
* Wrappers from two of the plasters, probably from last time I tried to wear heels
* One large ruled moleskine
* Two pink moleskine Volants (used for blogging notes)
* Tear-off calendar pages
* Hand cream
* An empty coffee cup
* An empty glass
* A selection of pens, only about half of which work.

Megan said...

Among many papers and pens strewn about I have
-Computer monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers
-Cup full of pens and markers
-plastic vase full of marbles and a sunflower
-four (!!!) journals and a daily planner
-Ipod and cellphone
-Cherry Blossom body butter
-bubblegum pink digital camera

Sarah Von said...

- 8 million travel photos stickied to the wall
- a red orchid (fake)
- a wooden bowl of oranges (real)
- a unkillable plant (real)
- a black and white photo of The Mister and I picnicing in NZ
- a calandar from the Vietnamese grocery store next door that is rife with Engrish

Helen said...

- nail varnish remover
- 8 pots of barry m nail varnish
- lots of candles
- my jewellery box
- rachel allen bake recipe book
= tweezers
- ikea lamp
- some taxidermy butterlies
- a red telephone box moneybox
- benefit badgal mascara
- 8 candles
- moustache mug
- make up bag
- mp3 player
- old second hand mirror
- little owl figurine

Yes my desk is quite big and full of rubbish!

Anonymous said...

* laptop
* printer
* a pink pen/pencil pot
* two library books
* kettle
* jar of coffee and jar of hot chocolate
* mug (with cats on) with a teaspoon in it
* several pieces of paper with notes on
* my journal
* pack of highlighters

Thats all =)

Chrissy said...

Computer. Planner. Erasers that look like sushi. Name plate. I like to keep my work area tidy. It helps with the allusion that I am for real a grown up.

vivresavie said...

~ Cd player
~ Cd racks
~ A wine bottle with a fake blue rose (given to me age 14)
~ A clear bottle with sprigs of lavender (given by a saucy italian)
~ Uni folders
~ Old paint can filled with pens
~ Cd box filled with pictures
~ Massive stash of leaflets, photos, and lovely things to check out.
~ Photo of my girlies
~ Various trinket boxes
~ Two mugs, Lotus ashtray, candles,
~ A Buddha statue who's head has come off (I have been meaning to fix this)
Ah I love my desk : )

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