My Secret Obsessions

  • Adventures. Every time I hear something referred to as an adventure it makes it infinitely more appealing!
  • Arranging books by size. This includes other people's books when they're not looking...
  • Journals. What started as an innocent yearly search for the perfect organiser has escalated into a full-blown obsession (I currently have six journals which I am carrying around the world)
  • Having back up plans.
  • Google. Every time I don't know the answer to a question my immediate response is "I'll just ask Google"
What secret obsessions are you willing to admit to?

Posted by Bridey


Darcie said...

i'm not sure if any of my 'obsessions' are actually 'secrets,' as far as anyone who knows me is concerned but here goes:

1) crispin glover. my one fangirl obsession. like, i know a handle that he uses on the internet for an auction site and have found him other places because of it. once i saw him present a movie he made and muscled up the nerve to ask a question during the Q&A. this was thrilling because i'm a dweeb.

2) my vacuum cleaner. a canister vac with attachments and whirring brushes and crevice tools. some days when i start it, i can't stop for hours. makes. things. so. clean!!

3) presently there is a cd in my car, made by my husband's coworker, comprised of very naughty rap songs. i've been listening to it for a week and giggling like a twelve-year-old-boy at every mention of anatomy or bj's. hubs and i listened to it during our two hour car ride to our family christmas celebration. oh, naughty rap songs. you amuse!

Sarah Von said...

1. Ummm, picking? At anything and everything.

2. Talking to animals and anything even vaguely anthropomorphic.

3. Strange places not often traveled to. The weirder, the better. They burn tires in the street? Sign me up. They use vodoo dolls? I'm on the plane already.

4. Using up anything that's consumable instead of throwing it away. I don't care if I have to but five other ingredients to make a recipe to use up that can of lychees, I *will* use it up.


Sisa said...

1-I must say I share your secret obsession of
google, every time I don't know an answer I google it.

2- Notebooks, Im trying to give up he obsession but its hard, I love to write on new notebooks!

There must be more but I don't remember them now hahaha. Keep the good work I love this blog its fun and entertaining.

Scribbles said...

1. Tagging and captioning pictures on social networking sites - I'm primarily a Facebook user but loaded some pics up on another site I use, thinking I'll bung them on there just so people can have a look... an hour later I was back there organising them :D
2. Wedding websites - I don't even have a boyfriend but I am heavily into wedding "porn" :D Sad sad puppy ;)
3. Getting my RSS down to zero... this may be part of the reason why I get to bed ridiculously late.
4. Spelling - I had a conniption at the hospital when they had labels on the dresser beside the bed saying "Top Draw" "Bottom Draw"... and these are the people that are meant to be treating my mother?
5. I am obsessed with smelling - as in, I really really don't want to smell bad so I'm always putting on perfume or deodorant, having showers, etc. Not sure why...

Zay said...

1. I'm a picker. Nose, scabs, nails, etc. (I understand, Sarah Von)

2. Blank notebooks...esp. mole skins. I love them.

3. Edward Cullen. shuddup.

4. My body size/shape/weight.

Rebecca said...

01. Tea. I have more types than I could count, and tea accessories to accompany it. In my last apartment the tea cupboard was larger than the food cupboard.

02. Lipgloss. There are eight types in my handbag alone.

03. Stationery. If I don't have the right ink pen and Post-it, I find it hard to write anything down. I even hate doing tasks on a list that wasn't written out correctly.

04. Bracelets. My current favourite accessory. I can always have more and love choosing which ones to wear.

05. Books. Arranged in my shelves by colour and catalogued once read on

Anonymous said...

1. Gossip Girl

2. Looking up words I don't know

3. The Twilight series

Darcie said...

zay, i LUH-HUH-HUV edward cullen, too. that's my #4.

jaime said...

haha i agree with your last one too about google! happy 2009 sweetie, hope it's full of blessings and love!

Ana said...

Ooh I LOVE your blog layout.

I share your notebook addiction, I have about 30.

[Tara] said...

I probably have several, but a few are:
1. Checking my blog, like 20 times a day.
2. Anything relating to ghosts or vampires.
3. Chips and all manner of salty snack.

Thanks so much, BTW, for your comments on my blog. I am also a list fanatic, so I smiled when I came to your blog!! I guess making lists would be another obsession ;)


Vixel said...

1. Talking to cats - I've been late to work before because I met a cute cat on the way
2. Checking my blog stats - I love to see where people are visiting from, but I check them with such a ridiculous regularity it kinda gets in the way of a lot of other tasks!
3. Preparing for disasters - I'm always convinced that something terrible is right around the corner and we need to have a house stocked with food and bottled water just in case!

Chrissy said...

1. Checking my email. Constantly.
2. Twitter.
3. Meals. I like to know exactly what and when I am eating next.
4. Accomplishing things. Even if it's just sweeping the floor, I like to feel like I'm making progress on something.

Cassie said...

Oh, come on. You know the answer to this one. LISTS!

Lainey Loop said...

Most of these aren't so secret, but a couple only my boyfriend knows about!

- Checking my Facebook compulsively every 2 minutes when I am at a computer!
- Unpacking my drawers and wardrobe so I can re-iron everything that is in there.
- Sweeping the carpets in straight lines.
- Sweeping the carpets in general.
- Arranging my coat wardrobe in order of season and most likely to wear next, depending on schedule.
- Opening and closing my phone 3 times.
- Not being able to wear socks if they haven't been folded the right way.
- Having a book simply to make lists in.
- Only being able to hang my clothes on wooden coat hangers.
- Having to drink through a straw.

I could go on, because my list is pretty much endless, but they are the few that are the main ones not many people now about!!


Christine said...

I too suffer from the Google obsession.

I am also obsessed with:

--Purses, but only really funky/cool/random ones that no one else will have.

--Blogging (my new found love). I love to write in my blog and I love to read other peoples blogs!

--English bulldogs. I MUST have one. But I have to wait until I get a house because my apartment complex doesn't allow dogs. Bastards.

♥ xtine

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