Awesome Comfort Foods!

Suffering from the January Blues? Is it freezing cold outside and all you feel like doing is huddling under your duvet away from it all? The New Year might be the time everyone starts a diet, but sometimes a little comfort food is just what's required to cheer us all up on a gloomy day! My top comfort foods are:
  1. Chocolate, what else?! Scientifically proven to increase seretonin levels and therefore make us feel happier, chocolate surely has to be the ultimate comfort food, and the high cocoa stuff is actually good for us! 
  2. Cupcakes! Delicious and pretty, cupcakes always make people smile, and come in so many different varieties that there's something for everyone!
  3. Pies! Savoury or sweet, again, something for everyone and they have the "stodgy" factor, so important in comfort food, covered. 
  4. Mashed potato! A personal favourite, great with cheese mixed in, or perhaps some wasabi, a plate full of mashed potato is a fantastic comfort food!
  5. Hot chocolate! I know I've already covered chocolate itself, but the hot drink variety deserves to be on its own, for it is amazingly comforting in so many other ways that normal chocolate in bars isn't! Make it with milk and it's soothing and helps you sleep, there are really low-calorie varieties if you're worried about the effect all this comfort eating will have on your waistline, and it's just about the best thing to warm up with on a cold evening!
  6. Soup of all different varieties! Leek and potato is one of my favourites, as is tomato and basil, and the non-creamy potato-free ones are often again, really low-calorie comfort foods. (unless you dip loads of bread in them like I do!)
  7. Roast dinners! Having them made for me reminds me of being a child, making them myself makes me feel accomplished and good about myself, and really, roast dinners are fabulous!
  8. Smoothies - more of a summer comfort food to me, they're delicious and make me feel like I'm consuming something really healthy!
  9. Cheese - all sorts, I love cheese! It would be very hard for me to be a vegan! 
  10. Hash browns - I could eat whole plates of them for 3 meals a day and never get tired of them!
What are your favourite comfort foods?

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Erin said...

1) Shepherd's Pie.
2) Roast potatoes with Bisto gravy.
3) Champ.
4) Almost any type of potato dish, come to think of it.

Zay said...

1. Steamed white rice, kimchi jjigae, and grilled mackerel.

2. Grilled cheese sandwich with a creamy tomato soup.

3. Chocolate and lots of it. Are you going to eat that brownie?

4. A boboli crust covered with thai peanut sauce, baby spinach leaves, mozzarella, onions, and garlic.

5. Mashed potatoes preferrably with no lumps or skin.

6. Just made toast with peanut butter on it to where it gets all melty.

Sarah Von said...

1. Noodles with butter
2. Noodles with butter *and* cheese
3. Potatoes with butter

Yay for simple carbs!

Anonymous said...

1. Macaroni and cheese
2. Cheese fries (I clearly enjoy carbs with cheese)
3. Chips, guacamole, and queso

Sisa said...

1. grilled cheese

2. pizza

3. mozzarella sticks

4. ice cream

5. cereal specially of it has cinnamon chocolate


Darcie said...

1 mac-n-cheese
2 burritos
3 dry toast dipped in hot chocolate
4 beer
5 grilled cheese & fries w/ coffee from the hometown roadside cafe

Brooke said...

Mac'n'cheese (just ate that!!!)

warm bread with chunks of gooey butter....mmmm

Loved this list :)

Girl 29 said...

When I'm feelin' blue in the winter I eat/drink:
1. Peach Passion tea.
2. Trader Joe's 100-calorie chocolate bars.
3. Toasted ciabatta bread.
4. Tangerines.
5. Saltine crackers.

Anonymous said...

1. join this society
2. invite you to join my club
3. make a to-do list for tomorrow
4. go to sleep

Anonymous said...

Effing sweet! I love the Pi pie!


Dollface said...

1. M&M's

2. Mac & cheese

3. Baked potatoes

4. Chicken w/ Honey mustard


I have pretty simple tastes :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Annie! The Pi Pie is off the chain!

Godlesscupcake said...

1. Old skool Macaroni & Cheese
2. my Grandmother's mashed potatoes
3. Cesar salad
4. Pancakes
5. Pumpkin Pie
6. the guacamole from Mario's on Telegraph in Berkeley
7. garlic French fries with ranch sauce
8. stir fry with snow peas
and of course, Cupcakes!

enterrement de vie de garçon Paris said...

Hot chocolate
Home made cake

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