Ridiculous Things I Do With My Significant Other

  1. Attempt to communicate only in cat noises
  2. Perform Mr. G dances
  3. Fart. Constantly.
  4. Pretend that he is a ceremonial drum and I am a Native American singer
  5. Challenge him to various contests - spontaneous races, buffet eating contests, etc
  6. Address him as 'Bunny,' 'Mister,' and 'Grumpy Schnauzer'
  7. Forward him LOLcat photos
Oh, he is long suffering.

What silly things do you do with your partner in crime?

Posted by Sarah Von


Zay said...

1. We sometimes communicate with one another by flaring our noses at each other.

2. Break out into spontaneous wrestling while watching tv. Usually, this occurs when one attempts to squeeze the other's knee to make he/she squeal.

3. Communicate by farting out morse code. No not really....we just fart and we still giggle even after 15 years of marriage.

4. We blow zerberts on one another and this usually leads to one of us zerberting the dogs too. It's a family event.

Bridey said...

1. Communicate in cat noises (it's nice to find out we're not the only ones...)
2. Narrate the life story of our cat
3. Drive everyone around us crazy by having whole conversations of Family Guy quotes (with the occasional Anchorman or Super Troopers quote thrown in for variety)
4. Make up new dances (like The Dinosaur)
5. Lots of playfighting, usually involving the licking of noses

Beth said...

1. Pick our noses and wipe it on each other. Or pick each other's noses + try to make the other one eat it.

2. Sleep while he plays WoW. It's a good arrangement.

3. Sit on the phone while doing other things + not talk to each other.

4. Play "Soothing or Annoying" (read "Eccentric Glamour" for more info on that). It's generated some really good ways to be annoying.

5. See who can come up with the worse pun.

6. Send geekey love e-mails. <3

Jackie said...

1. Watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight together.

2. Have cap gun duels.

3. Call each other by ridiculous pet names; he calls me "Butt Muffin", and I have yet to top that.

4. Ballroom dance terribly to any song

5. Have tickle fights

brodie said...


i met chris lilley last year. it was awesome, especially cos i've loved him since before'we can be heroes' (do/did you get that too? it was his mini-series before 'summer heights high')

Panda Mime said...

We love
- Watching late night Time Life commercials and getting excited about Ultimate Rock Ballads
- Going to the Bakery and fighting over the last pastry at home
- Hitting 2nd hand stores but not buying anything
- Talking about whether or not we will ever form our Ultimate Rock Ballads cover band
- Teaching each other the box step in the kitchen
- Coming out of the bathroom whilst watching So You Think You Can Dance and going "1, 2, 3, 4!", clicking our fingers and breaking into an impromptu freestyle routine

Sam Rapson said...

Ahhhh, you guys are all so cute and funny! Brodie - I'm not sure the rest of America loves Mr. G. as much as I do (or is aware of his existence) I encountered him on a flight from Brisbane to Wellington. But apparently the show is on HBO now ... it's only a matter of time everyone's quoting Jonah :)

Petra said...

You are so adorable! Such a cute list, and so funny imagining doing them!

I don't have a boy, but you have certainly made me smile none the less :)


Chrissy said...

1. i pretend to punch him and he pretends to be hit and in much pain.
2. drink vegan white russians when we're feeling fancy.
3. read parts of our books outloud to one another, even though the other person has no idea what's going on in the book.
4. or, read the same book at the same time and have a two person book club.
5. tease the dog mercilessly.

Freya said...

1. Communicate in cat noises (maybe it's an epidemic!)
2. Replace nouns with "baby" at random intervals
3. Try to pick each other's noses
4. Tickle wars
5. Play the who is creepier game
6. Read each other's writings
7. Cook (sometimes) delicious meals together
8. Bring each other breakfast in bed whenever possible

Dollface said...

1. Make up silly nicknames for each other (where do you think Dollface comes from?) :) I call him Fart Cakes, which I think is rivaled by Jackie's Butt Muffin!

2. Quote & make obscure references to our favorite TV shows (The Office, Arrested Development)

3. He has several alter egos that he impersonates when I'm upset and I, much like a child, am immediately entertained & amused by them

4. We both get midnite munchies often, so we make a trip to the local drug store to get junk food in the wee hours of the morning

Meghan said...

1. Watch old Simpson's episodes together and laugh our butts off despite the fact that we've both scene them several times

2. Have the "you weird" "you're weirder" "you're weirdest" "you're weirdest to infinity" (and so on)conversation

3. Make Carrot-Ginger Soup

4. Tickle fights!

5. Get ice cream from Ici (in Berkeley) at all hours of the day

Darcie said...

1) have conversations consisting primarily of the words, "thing thing" "what what" "dun-da-dunt" "woot woot" "pussyshitter" "thank you doctor" and [sound of sucking in air] or whistling. i don't know why we do this.

2) from start to finish, have the biggest fight of our 13 year relationship in front of all our best friends, in our back yard. epic, unforgettable. we have nothing if not hospitality!

3) i attempt to have one part touching while we sleep, a toe, a finger, a forehead. and he attempts to get away, i always win because he runs out of scooting-away-room! he secretly loves it.

4) endless blanket snuggling on sofa, in wintertime.

Jasmine said...

Not my significant other, but my best friend who is so close I see him as my significant other;

- Count to three and tell eachother exactly what is on our minds at that moment

-Play-argue about who loves eachother more, eg. "i love you more x 1000 to whatever you say" "no, i love YOU more x infinity to the power of infinity whatever you say!!" and so on

-Spontaneously look up at each other with crazed looks in our eyes and instantaneously grab eachothers faces and pretend to make out

-Hum to eachother as a form of communication

-Have staring contests in the middle of a conversation (he always wins, the bastard)

-Continously and randomly prod at eachothers noses until somebody gives up

-Run away from eachother whenever we are out, and play ninja to see who can sneak up on who to tacklehug from behind first.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Those were awesome. :-)
sticking out in my mind is the impressions we do of eachother, particularly when the person is upset! -

-and we whistle to communicate, or grunt.

Anonymous said...

Me and my Finance like to take on different names and personalities, and then go to open houses, or new towns and pretend to be those people for the entire day. We usually take on names of fictional characters, i.e Noah and Allie from the notebook, Lilly and James from Harry potter, Ricky and Lucy from I love Lucy, we always have a ton of fun making up new lives for each person we play,

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