Various Things I Want To Make

I love new projects and learning practical skills, and always have a big list of things I want to make someday:
  • A terrarium
  • An archery target
  • Lots of macaroons in different flavours
  • A loaf of bread from scratch
  • Natural cosmetics
  • A photographic study of abandoned houses
  • Clothes - but I have to learn how to sew first!
  • An extensive herb garden
What about you?

Posted by Bridey


Chrissy said...

1. Make bagels from scratch.
2. Sew lovely dresses that I can actually wear.
3. A novel.
4. A renegade photography show or book.
5. A huge garden full of vegetables & herbs & grains!

Jackie said...

1. 10 Different kinds of cupcakes
2. 30 different other kinds of baked goodies (scones? muffins? cookies?)
3. Photograph one of the series/collections I have stored in my head.

Zay said...

1. Epoxy resin jewelry
2. Anything sewn...I'm a newb
3. A small vegetable garden
4. Small sized paintings
5. Crocheted Babette blanket

Kaylen said...

If you find a good macaroon recipe, let me know...

1. Gocco invitations
2. My own wedding dress, much later
3. My own card catalog
4. Chalkboard talk out!
5. My own movie

brodie said...

1- recycled paper
2- soup made from scratch (might wait til winter for this one)
3- a film
4- a quilt from old scraps of fabric

Dollface said...

I have always wanted to make:

- Cake from scratch
- my own clothing
- a complete scrapbook

Anonymous said...

-old school slide lamp
-clothes definitely
-cute animal hats
-resin goodness
-steampunk jewelry fascinates me
-messenger bag
-many many others

Zavi said...

A fancy hat
A quilt
Crocheted Slippers
A perfect everyday dress
A photo study of abandoned SHOES (even though they make me nervous who do they belong to ? where's the match ??!)

Maddison said...

Would LOVE to make:

1. A quilt
2. A succesful Christmas dinner
3. A collection of poetry and other writings of mine
4. A garden full of beautiful flowers, as well as herbs and veggies.

Rebecca said...

01. Terrarium.
02. Michelle Jank-style purse or jewellery item.
03. Christmas cards in 2009.
04. A piece of art for exhibition.
05. An embellished piece of clothing.

I took home a lovely glass container from work recently that looks perfect terrarium material. Everyone was perplexed when I mentioned ehat I wanted it for, so I am pleased to find you are also a fan of them.

There was an abandoned shoe in the park opposite my apartment last month. It was left by a guy as he ran from two attacked. SO you are correct in being nervous about their origins sometimes. Conversely, my some recently lost on at the end of a wonderful day spent at the beach.

Rebecca said...

Opps! I forgot to add that I would love to make bath bombs too, with a small toy in the middle of each like you find in Christmas crackers or Kinder Surprises.

Hannah Miet said...

1. vanilla cupcakes
2. babies (in the far, far future)
3. A novel
3. My own bed and breakfast slash music venue called "Hannah's Banana Pancake House"

Godlesscupcake said...

1. A burgundy velvet trench coat
2. Black long pile faux fur leg warmers
3. Vegan poutine
4. a lightweight black hemp cardigan
5. Vegan porter, i.p.a., amber ale
6. to Veganize *special* brownies
7. a deep red satin 1940's swing dress

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