Strangest Places I've Worked

Looking back over the last few years I have had a range of jobs, some of them quite unconventional...
  1. An empty shop at a mall. My sole task was to tell people to go to the new shop around the corner!
  2. The office at a men's prison. Every morning I would put on some latex gloves and open the prisoners' mail to check for illicit drugs and pornography.
  3. On the road. While working as an event organiser I spent a couple of weeks each year on tour delivering a regional event for schools.
  4. A sex expo. This is more innocent than it sounds! I was fully clothed and working at a desk processing payments.
  5. In my pyjamas. I worked from home for about six months and loved it!
What are the strangest jobs you've had or places you've worked at?

Posted by Bridey


Mavis said...

i've always been working at pretty sane places. And I love your empty stall job! hahah it's hilarious.

Jackie said...

I had pretty normal jobs, I think.

++ I was a pale girl working at a tanning salon, wiping down the tanning beds after each use. Ugh.

++ I worked in two factories: one summer I put pieces onto printed circuit boards, the other summer I made bumpers for cars.

Chrissy said...

A bagel shop on Long Island. I broke the coffee maker and then they offered me a job sweeping the floor after hours. I declined.

Maid in a seedy hotel. Never blindly reach under a bed in a motel. Trust me on this.

Volunteering in the balloon popping booth during a fundraiser while battling a raging hangover. The universe is cruel sometimes.

Michelle said...

I've also been a maid at a terrible hotel. Thankfully that didn't last long!

I also spent part of a day being a door-to-door vacuum salesperson. I couldn't even make to 5 pm before quitting.

Lana said...

*Maid at small-town Minnesota hotel
*Custodian at museum
*Worked at Marshall's, three different times (!)
*Worked for independent filmmaker's conference
*Ceramic supply ware house
*Coffee syrup manufacturer
*Timeshare complaint department
*Managed online hardware store
*Digital printing customer service agent
*And now, radiology scheduling

Wow. I'm getting a little older, aren't I?

Freya said...

1. Cupcake decorater (a lot less glamorous than it sounds!)

2. Professional Scottish Highland Dancer (I got paid to travel the South and dance at Ren Faires and Medieval Festivals, it was awesome)

3. International Film Festival usher (lame, but I got to see a lot of free movies and meet famous people)

4. 50's diner waitress (we had to hula hoop in front of the store and some, not I, wore roller skates to work in)

5. Microsoft Roadshow Design Tech (the most sexist job I have ever worked, other techs assumed that since I was a woman I had no idea how to do my job)

6. Burlesque Dancer (okay so I don't get paid to do this yet, but I have performed professionally and hope to continue doing so)

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