Tricks to Stay Organized

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Yesterday, I completely forgot to go to a baby shower. Naturally, I felt terrible - bad friend, bad person, and really bad at staying organized. Oh, to disappoint a child before it's even been born! Obviously, I need a personal assistant. Until that happens, I guess I'll settle for tips and tricks to help me stay organized. Below are some of my favorites. Don't forget to share yours in the comments!

1. Post-it notes on everything. The bathroom mirror, my computer at work, my forehead. Hey - desperate times!
2. Make lists (duh!) and actually cross things off them.
3. Set Weekly Resolutions, a la Gala Darling. They're a great way to stay on top of tasks and finish big projects.
4. Set up a Google calendar and actually use it. Have your calendar send you email or text message reminders about upcoming events.
5. Yes, the Internet is a wonderful, wonderful place, but sometimes you just need a paper planner that you can carry around with you and jot notes in at will.
6. Plan your meals at the beginning of the week, and take into account your schedule. Pick quick dinners for busy days; cook extra when you have down time. Staying organized is hard to do on an empty stomach.


Brooke said...

Post it notes are a god send! Love those little things :)

Anonymous said...

I lay out my clothes a day before so I'm not rushing in the morning to pick an outfit.

Sisa said...

I have a crackberry addiction

Post it

Google docs spreadsheets

Nicole said...

to-do lists are so helpful. and sometimes they make an overwhelming amount of things seem do-able... it's best to just take things one at a time

Rebecca said...

+ post-it notes
+ desk pad
+ diary in my handbag
+ ical
+ notebook of to-do lists
+ daily to do list (home and work)

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