My Five Favorite Websites for Fun Times

I'm a big fan of the Internet. In addition to reading/writing/contributing to a million blogs, I also spend a fair amount of time exploring other avenues of the tubes. It helps that part of my job (the best part!) is experimenting with new things on the Internet, mostly for educational and library related purposes. Some things, though, are too good to not play with, even if they're entirely irrelevant. In fact, the less relevant they are, the more I like them! Here are five of my favorite places to play on the Internet:

1. someecards. Are you in need of an ecard that is both thoughtful, humiliating, and offensive, all while ensuring the recipient a loud guffaw upon reading it? Then get thee to someecards, immediately!

2. Twitter. Oh, 140 characters were never so poetic! Twitter is great because you can read everything from inane updates to actual, important stuff. And with the search feature, you can keep tabs on your town, organization, or even yourself!

3. Flickr. Gorgeous photos, updated constantly. I like to click the Explore tab and zone out, while imaging myself in exotic locales or making up stories about the strangers looking back at me.

4. VeganYumYum. This, and about a hundred other food blogs. I like VeganYumYum because her recipes are delicious, yes, but her photos belong in their own special category of drool. Seriously - have you ever seen a better looking stack of pancakes?

5. Passive Aggressive Notes. Enough said.

What are your favorite weird/funny/interesting/time sucking websites?


Anonymous said...

My fave is Cake Wrecks ( She actually updates it every day (hard to believe there are that many cake wrecks, huh?), and the writing always makes me laugh. It's a quick smile for me to start my day with every morning!

Chrissy said...

Oh, good one. I love Cake Wrecks too! I need to remember to check up on it more often.

Anonymous said...

funniest stuff EVER! will cheer me up in a second because I remember how much worse my life could be

Lainey Loop said...

My favourite three are:

I love looking at these three because whilst they all have a really different fresh outlook on life, they are all positive and pretty to look at :)

Sunshine & Sparkles

Not Scarlett said...

I simply cannot get enough of Fuck You Penguin. It freaking KILLS me!

Cat said... is one of my favs for "intelligent procrastination"

Mavis said...

My rss reader has been the root of all time wasted on the internet. But I love Boing Boing the best.

Mila said...

I LOVE TedTalks,too (

Also, is my personal fav (looove the designer bags)...but a general and BEAUTIFUL website is!!!

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