My Top 5 Worst Chores!

Chores! Sadly a necessary part of everyday life, but really, how many of us would hire a maid in an instant if we could afford it? Some chores I don't really mind, cooking for example, could be called a chore but it certainly isn't for me. This post however is about the horrible ones, the chores I'd rather put off until I really have to do them!

  1. Putting Clothes Away - Such a dull monotonous task, but the real reason I hate it is I have far too many items of clothing! I'm not sure I really have room for it all, I think if I ever had a completely empty wash basket my wardrobe would overflow!
  2. Washing Up - I get horribly dry skin so apart from the usual complaints about the task, I always end up having to apply hand cream continuously for hours afterwards, and rubber gloves have a similar effect!
  3. Vacuuming - Clumsyness, back problems and a heavy vacuum cleaner really do not mix, and various dents in the furniture would attest to this! 
  4. Cleaning Windows - I live in a Victorian house, with huge windows. The lower parts are ok, although window cleaner kills my hands even more than washing up liquid, however at 5'1, reaching the tops of the windows is rather difficult!
  5. Checking the Meters - See Cleaning Windows, I'm short, and I don't like ladders! 

What household tasks annoy you the most? 


Zay said...

1. Dusting-I hate dusting with a passion. Plus, I'm allergic to dust so whenever I do dust I have to wear a face mask. So annoying!

2. Folding clothes and putting them away-I can wash, dry, and hang up clothes all day but I HATE having to fold up underwear, socks, and all the other little stuff.

3. Mopping floors-I'd rather sweep and vacuum than having to deal with mopping floors.

Lainey Loop said...

I have OCD so cleaning is something that I love! However the constant stream of washing up in my house is beginning to annoy me a little! :)

Jackie said...

Dishes-- effing dishes. I HATE them. It's especially terrible since I don't have a dishwasher, and I have to wash all dishes by hand.

Vacuuming-- The loud noise scare me.

Folding Clothes/Putting Clothes Away-- just, ugh.

earlgreyrooibos said...

1. Cleaning the toilet. GROSS.

2. Taking out the recycling. We don't have enough space for 4 recycling bins in our apartment, so we have to sort everything later. So annoying.

Alexandre said...

In a perfect world we would have one clothe for every single day and never wear two times the same. I think Queen Elisabeth do that lol.

What annoy me the most:
1. To maw lawn.
2. All gardening task

Anonymous said...

1. Cleaning the cat pan
2. Washing the bathroom floor

Bridey said...

I loathe doing the dishses, and am appreciating living in a house with a dishwasher at the moment!

Cleaning showers and toilets is also horrible, as is cleaning the oven.

Rebecca said...

I don't mind cleaning, I just hate TIDYING.

01. Putting things away.
02. Taking out the rubbish.
03. Cleaning the shower.

Sushirobot said...

1. Doing the dishes. I HATE it and only do it when I really have to.

2. Washing windows.

3. Cleaning the toilet. So annoying.

4. Dusting.

5. Washing the walls.

Anonymous said...

1. Ironing.

2. Cleaning the bathroom.

3. Dusting.

Generic Cialis said...

Cleaning up my room, washing the dishes, taking out the trash... I don't know exactly why i don't like because it takes no time, but my mom always told me to do so when I was watching TV and I hated getting up in the middle of a show.

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