A Perfect Valentine's Day

Rebecca is a scientist, a lecturer, an internet junkie and a lover of books. She is based in Sydney, Australia and each day provides some book-related fun for Booktagger. She believes if everyone took a few minutes each day to sip a coffee in the sunshine, the world would have less tension and more productivity.

The lead up to Valentine's Day can be full of too many thoughts about who you will spend it with, whether your favourite restaurant has upped their prices for the evening or the fact that the only cards on sale are way too cheesy. Instead, let's imagine you have the perfect partner and all the time and money you need. How would you like to be romanced on Valentine's Day? Here's my list:

+ Be taken on a balloon ride at sunrise.
+ Receive bespoke chocolates.
+ Eat lunch on a silver vintage DC-3 flying over beautiful scenery.
+ Accept a delivery of twelve dozen roses, already arranged in a gigantic vase.
+ Have a silver service dinner on a private beach at sunset.
+ Spend the night in the penthouse of an exclusive hotel.


Chrissy said...

+ wake up to warm cinnamon rolls and coffee, served in bed.
+ take the dog on a long walk along a river in Ireland. (you said I had all the time and money I needed!)
+ get hair, makeup and wardrobe done for a romantic and unique photo shoot.
+ drink beers in a tree house.
+ have four star vegan dinner at a fancy restaurant with low lighting, soft music, good wine, and multiple courses.
+ the penthouse of an exclusive hotel sounds about right, so long as you throw in a hot tub. :)

Bridey said...

- an evening picnic
- hot air balloon ride (Rebecca, that sounds like fun!)
- French toast for breakfast in bed
- an aix massage

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