Things That Keep Me Sane

When life gets crazy (and mine certainly has this last week) we all cling onto certain things - rituals, habits, certain treats, that help to ground us and keep us sane. Here are some of mine:
  1. EFT - I was amazed that this worked for me as well as it does, but it helps to calm me when things start getting crazy and focusses my thoughts.
  2. Re-doing my makeup - A bit of lipstick and powder works wonders for my confidence, and often helps me face a difficult situation better.
  3. Washing my hair - If I'm at home, often taking a long shower and washing my hair is all I need to feel relaxed, clear-headed and focussed. It also helps me to organise my thoughts - I do all my best thinking in the shower!
  4. Go for a walk - just 10 minutes down the road and back can work wonders!
  5. If I can't get away (for example if I'm at work), a cup of tea can work miracles!
  6. If I'm working at my PC at home, a few rounds of solitaire will help me re-focus.
  7. Watching something amusing and mindless (episodes of South Park for example) helps me forget about things temporarily, so that I can look at them with fresh eyes later, having given my brain a rest.
  8. A deep breath of fresh air, particularly if it's freezing cold really helps to clear out the cobwebs!

What do you do to keep yourself sane when everything is getting a bit crazy?


Zmaga said...

I completely agree with 3 and 4!

Hannah Miet said...

1. Drink Redbull
2. Order delivery sushi
3. Listen to The Velvet Underground in a hot bath
4. Write in a notebook, rather than on a computer, in a hot bath
5. Responding to blog posts : )
6. Jazz.
7. Digest an entire TV series on DVD
8. Call Dad
9. Dive bars
10. If all else fails, there is a certain plant I am quite fond of...

Dollface said...

1. Listening to music
2. My cat
3. Sleeping with fluffy blankets
4. Books
5. My laptop
6. My blog
7. Friends & family

Maddy said...

1. Meditating
2. Walking or any form of physical activity
3. Post-its
4. A quick call to a friend or a conversation with my family
5. Writing, drawing, music and reading
6. My cats
7. Walking randomly around the city by myself and having my own personal adventure
8. Watching a whole tv series on dvd

Roxanne said...

1. Hot bath or shower with yummy-smelling candles and soaps and bubbles and scrubs!
2. Phone my mom
3. Reading books I have already read
4. Looking at pictures of nature and the ocean
5. Writing in my diary. In different coloured pens.
6. Writing bad poetry
7. Taking a fifteen-minute break to dance in my underwear. To the Spice Girls, David Bowie, or Queen.
8. Going to the gym!
9. Listening to Sigur Ros, Bruce Springsteen, or Jem.
10. Letting my brain melt to an episode or two of The Simpsons

Bridey said...

1. Sleeping. I'm horrible if I don't get enough sleep!
2. Long, hot showers
3. Writing lists (yes, really!)
4. Reading
5. Trampolining
6. Listening to Rage Against the Machine

Johanne said...

I write down all worries of the past and present. I write it off, in a way..

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