Smells That Are Good

Memories, imagination, old sentiments, and associations are more readily reached through the sense of smell than through any other channel.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes
Here are a few smells that I love, mostly I think because of the memories associated with them:

  • Summer storms
  • Christmas trees
  • New books
  • Jasmine
  • Baked earth
  • Wet asphalt
  • Purple
  • Salt air
Are there any particular smells that put a smile on your face?

Post by Bridey


Andrea said...

-Wood smoke!
-The slight perfume-y scent of my late grandmother's dresses

Zmaga said...

- baked bread
- coffee
- winter (it has a smell, I swear!)

Natalie said...

-The perfume my mom wears
-Cold winter air
-Christmas dinner cooking
-Chocolate chip muffins cooking
(Apparently, I like a lot of food smells, because they are the strongest in my head. =3)

Anonymous said...

1. Ti kuan yin tea
2. Old Spice (even though I hate their marketing practices)
3. Beer bread
4. My mom's tomato sauce
5. Onions being saut├ęd in olive oil

Brooke said...

1. Camp fire
2. French Toast on a Sunday morning
3. Tide detergent
4. Books

Michelle said...

1. Cedar
2. Fresh cut grass
3. Garlic (I love kitchens that smell like they're actually used for cooking. Garlic sure does that!)
4. My boyfriend

Kim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ms Constantine said...

1. Coconut
2. Vanilla
3. Clean linen

Anna M. said...

-"Green" smells (fresh cut grass, a forest)

Anonymous said...

-freshly cut grass
-any and all spices
-old books
-wet pavement
-my mum

Anonymous said...

-chocolate chip cookies
-fresh grass
-jasmine flowers

Anonymous said...

1. My grandma always smelled like Chantilly Lace, bathroom spray, and smoke
2. Bleach
3. Towels dried outside
4. Cats that have rolled in the dirt
5. Mens aftershave
6. The smell of the sea

Bobbie said...

.old bookstores
.texas bbq
.freshly dug soil
.my aunt's white linen perfume
.freshly cut grass
.field of bailed hay

Vixel said...

Aviation fuel - I love it, it makes me think of warm sunny places!

Lainey Loop said...

I have 3 favourite smells:

*Petrol, I always wind the window down at the petrol station!
*Fried Apples & Onions!
*My boyfriends hair, we use the same shampoo, yet his always smells like summer!!

:) xx

Rebecca said...

01. Clean washing
02. Sunshine.
03. Mown grass.
04. Bonfires.
05. The petrol pump.
06. Rain.
07. Coconut tanning oil.
08. Coffee.

Johanne said...

-My cat's paws
-Clean sheets
- vanilla icecream
-Nailpolish remover
- My boyfriend

em. said...

1. rain
2. patchouli, lavender and vanilla combined
3. coffee
4. pefume for men
5. freshly cut grass
6. grass in the sun
7. the sea
8. bonfires

great blog, i'm new:)

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