Ridiculous Childhood Fears

The imaginary tiny fox that lived between my bed and the wall. My stuffed animals have been informed of this fact and warned to stay awake and watch out!

The music box Christmas angel that my mom took out every holiday season totally had it in for me. I was convinced that something horrible and irreparable is happening every time it slowly wound its way around, clinking out 'Silent Night.'

My story record about the squirrel who couldn't find where he buried his nuts. It prominently featured wind noises which terrified me to my tiny core. I remember feeling afraid even when I held the record sleeve in my hands.

The basement. For duh. However! Ours was rendered significantly more terrifying by the fact that the VCR's clock reflected into the window, creating the illusion of glowing greens eyes staring at you as you tore down the steps and across the linoleum to get to the light switch as fast as humanly possible.

The tall arborvitae that stood on either side of our front steps. They were huge and bushy and perfect for scary killers to hide behind. To complicate matters, our house light was motion sensitive, so you'd have to complete the long sprint up the sidewalk, leap up the steps (past the arborvitae housing monsters) and frantically wave your hand in front of the light before you were out of the dark.

Just to be clear: I'm still kind of afraid of those trees.

What wound you up as a kid?

Posted by Sarah Von


Erin said...

1) Fluttering curtains. Because that certainly indicated a ghostly presence.
2) Closed shower curtains. Because who knows what/who could be hiding in the bathtub.
3) Weird shadows. Self-explanatory.
4) My porcelain doll collection. What's scarier than a freakish porcelain doll coming to life? Not that any of them did come to life--but they could have at any moment. Come to think of it, that was a weird thing to collect for a scaredy cat kid.

Marie said...

1. Aliens - I was sure they would come in the night to get me, so I covered myself in my stuffed animals and slept as still as possible because then they couldn't find me.

2. The toilet - I was always sure there was something in there. When I was young it was Pacman (no idea where that came from) then it turned into ghosts, spiders, snakes, etc.

3. The bushes leading up to our door - I too always thought there was a killer/rapist in there

Brooke said...

1) Aliens for sure....and I'm a tad embarrassed to admit, it's still a fear, as irrational as it may be...haha.

2)An open closet door in the darkness of night. All those shadows and harmless clothes formed into some scary shapes at 3am.

3) The darkness under my bed. It didn't help that I pretended there was another world underneath my bed!

Freya said...

Demons -For some reason demons always seemed just a step away from my bedroom door at night, ready to devour me.

Closet -Like most kids, the creepy shadows it made had me believing in monsters

Clowns -wait, actually that's still a fear.

Lynn said...

foxes! i had nightmares about a family of foxes living under my bed and it scared me so badly that i couldn't stand next to my bed in the dark. run and jump, baby. run and jump.

mummies. i was afraid they'd come in my room if i left my door open at night.

elves crawling up the drain while i was in the shower. i'm still not fully over that fear as i always have to face the drain. if i turn away or close my eyes, i start to panic a little.

Anonymous said...

-closed shower curtains
-strange sounds at night
-the dark...
-i was positive there were psycho puppet things that would come up from the crack between my bed and the wall to eat me alive. (child-hood trauma? oh yes.)

vivresavie said...

haha some of these are rather funny. Here is my contribution...
- Following a particularly terrible nightmare, I used to imagine my year two teacher, Miss Martin, marching over the hills towards my house with the Roman army following. She loved the Romans so much, and its practically all she'd teach us, so I guess it permeated into my head slightly.
- The scary chinese 'ghost' doll with the flashing eyes that my parents owned. It's still a mystery why they owned it in the first place.
- My dad used to tell me stories about Boggarts, who were creepy scaly men that lived in the scrapheap.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I was a weird kid. Things didnt scare me much...well, they did, but I loved being creeped out and would stay up late just to watch Are You Afraid of the Dark. Good times, good show.

Anyway, for the longest time i was scared to death of aliens. Then one day I decided that if aliens were going to come get me, I might as well get a good nights sleep. So right before I'd go to bed I'd glare out the window and think, "COME GET ME, ALIENS!!" The intimidation worked, because they never came to get me.

I was also super scared of this song called "The Cat Came Back". It still scares me. It's about a cat that kept coming back no matter how hard everyone tried to get rid of it...and thats just not natural.

Anna M. said...

Oh man. This one is tough. I was a hugggeee scaredy-cat as a kid. Everything scared me, so I'll just leave you with one:

Things that look like faces. My mother had a secretary desk with knobs that looked like eyes and it always creeped me out. Didn't help that my dad stuck a mouth onto it once...

Anonymous said...

1. Witches outside my window taking pictures of me. Why they were doing that, I have no idea.

2. A man coming in my house and cutting my face. When I was really little it was not a man but the school bully.

3. Clowns, clowns, clowns.

Bobbie said...

.the Big Eye in the sky (that's what my mom called Jesus)
.open doors
.werewolves (I had the same recurring dream from 8 to 10 years old)
.mom and dad yelling

Maddy said...

- This particular teddy bear, it was pure white and i was CONVINCED it was going to come and kill me while i slept. I had to make my mum throw it away, i have no idea why i found it so scary

- Zombies, i watched way too many scary movies when i was younger and i have a wild imagination

- The dark, terrified of the dark. For years i slept with the light on, even now at my age i still sleep with the tv on and a nightlight. Though now i think its more of a habbit then a fear

- Everything, i was such a scared little girl. Everything scared me, creeped me out or made me cry. Now thankfully, im not so scared haha

Chessa! said...

1. the dark

2. the dark

3. the dark

It is official, this is my favorite new place. I never thought I would know another person who loves lists as much as I do. yay!

Rebecca said...

1. My sister's doll that talked. The recorded voice inside scared me, the fact that you could open the doll up and see the batteries and miniature record inside was even creepier.

2. My lullaby player as when the song played I could hear all the cogs whirling inside.

3. Robbers. I was so scared of them at nigh and would sneak into my parents room to look at the clock up until midnight. I figured it was too late for them after that.

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