Best Decisions I've Ever Made

  1. Not taking the posh office job in the suburbs. Because pantyhose don't suit me.
  2. Making daily sunscreen wearing a habit. I will be pale and droopy just like everyone else at 60, but damnit it, I will be wrinkle/skin cancer free!
  3. Ending a five-year relationship with a lovely, lovely guy who just wasn't right for me. And now we are good friends - I even set him up with his new lady!
  4. Buying a scooter when I lived in Taiwan. "Well hello, my good friend Freedom! What's up? I'm totally going to ditch that lame-o hanger on Crowded Asian Public Transport. She's such a bitch, yo."
  5. Giving up our television service. Hulu and movies = Best Ever. Then I don't get sucked into anything featuring Paula Abdul or that doctor named Meredith. (There! I said it! I'm not into Grey's Anatomy!)
  6. Giving up my lady-magazine subscriptions. And by that I mean Cosmo and People. Does not include Oprah or Real Simple. Because apparently I'm 45 on the inside.
  7. Drinking protein shakes for breakfast. Being a veteran vegetarian, you would think I'd be good about including beans/tofu/legumes in my diet. You would be incorrect.
  8. Switching to Depo. Dudes: no pills. No period. Awesome!
  9. Diving headlong into a serious relationship, with full knowledge that I was moving to a different country in two months. Because then he quit his job and moved to New Zealand with me!
What decisions are you glad you made?

Posted by Sarah Von


Erin said...

1) Taking the plunge and trying Earl Grey. Because DO YOU KNOW HOW GOOD IT IS?
2) Taking the plunge and getting married. Because I married the right person.
3) Deciding to buy a house. Because having your own place is awesome.
4)Starting a blog. Because it's a great way to make new friends, keep up with old ones, and improve writing craft.
5) Buying a second car. Because in this country, coordinating three schedules with one vehicle is maddening.

earlgreyrooibos said...

1. Moving from Ohio, where I had lived my whole life, to Austin, Texas. Because I needed out and I love living here.

2. Not purusing a friendship that was going bad after yet another falling-out. I just let myself get over her, and it was for the best.

3. Getting addicted to tea. Way healthier than soda!

4. Deciding to quit my job and be self-employed (even though I haven't done it yet; I need to stay for another month or so). I don't know if it will work out, but I just need to do it. Because office work doesn't suit me.

5. Deciding to have an open marriage. It works for us, I love my boyfriend, and through him I've made friends and put down roots in Austin.

Krissy said...

Love this post!!

Brooke said...

This was a GREAT list! I'm completely with you on the lady-mag subscriptions. O magazine is awesome!

1. Joining a sorority: tacky in theory, but I met life long friends whom I love dearly!

2. Quitting my job to travel to Europe (okay this happens in 3 months, but it's happening!!!!!!)

3. Dumping a guy who couldn't commit, even though I was completely in to him. Turns out, he was a total loser (in hind sight, of course!)

4. Starting (and keeping up with) my blog. I've connected with some rad people and learned some amazing things!

Helen said...

1. Taking a job that my auntie offered me 3 summers ago. That's how I met my boyfriend and I am so so so so glad I did!

2. Starting to bake. At first I thought it was for old people, but omg, now I love it. I'm completely addicted. It calms me down and relaxes me so much (except when things go wrong)

3. Dropping IT at college and picking up Photography instead. God I hated IT. But I loved photography and still do now, it was the best course ever! I got an A in it and it really let my creative side shine!

Anonymous said...

1. Deciding to go to an amazing preforming arts school rather than the usual high school. I have ended up with such amazing friends and an incredible life.

2. Taking the plunge and starting to swing dance. It is so much fun and I feel better about myself than I have in years.

3. Starting piano years ago. Music fills my life with magic and after a stressful day I always know I can make myself feel better by playing.

4. Going vegetarian. This happened when I was about 10, but it is a decision that I am still so proud of. I am more aware of what I am eating and it feels good to know that I am not supporting animal cruelty.

Freya said...

1. Deciding to give up coffee (again). Because my life is much better when I'm naturally awake rather than falsely caffeinated.

2. Going to a yoga class. Because it's the best fricking workout/relaxation/kicks-my-ass thing.

3. Deciding to go to art school for college. Because even though I didn't end up with an art degree, I am surrounded by artist friends and there was a touch of art in all my classes.

4. Getting back together with my ex. Because even though we hurt each other in the past, we've grown as people and are now so madly in love I can't imagine being with anyone else.

5. Taking a year off school to go to South Africa. I always knew I loved travel, but to live in a foreign country working with an aid organization was to find my calling, to tell stories.

just a girl trying to find her place in this world said...

1. Quitting smoking. For obvious reasons. I have not smoked in 3 1/2 years.

2. Adopting a dog from a rescue. Building his trust in people (especially me) and transforming him from a scared, skittish, nervous dog to a happy, playful, loving dog has been such a rewarding experience.

3. Buying a house. Pretty good timing, although I feel bad for those who are losing their homesn right now.

4. Leaving my old job for a position in a larger construction company that treats it's employees very well and has values that mirror my own.

5. Starting a blog.

I love this blog!!!

Godlesscupcake said...

I've made a lot bad decisions in my life so when I try to come up with a list of good ones it's actually a challenge for me and my responses seem trivial to me. Nevertheless...
- getting rid of cable/cutting my t.v. consumption down to three shows a week
- deciding to spend the money I used to spend on clothes, shoes & accessories on books
- quitting my horrible, degrading job at Best buy last year
- getting involved with groups and organizations centered around the things that are important to me
- quitting smoking and going vegan by xmas last year

Beth said...

* going to University - it is SO worth the debt I'm building up, I am happier here than I have ever been
* getting back together with my ex, despite the risk of things going wrong again - a year and a half later and we're really happy
* going vegetarian - although this wasn't really a conscious decision I made, I just gradually stopped eating meat as it started to disgust me more and more, I'm still glad about it
* gogin on holiday with my best friends instead of saving the money - some of my favourite memories came from that week, I wouldn't trade them for all the money in the world
* applying for the summer job I didn't really want at the time - I got the job and it turned out to be really fun, I met great people and got some valuable experience to put on my CV

Dana said...

1. Buying my MacBook. I always said I hated Macs, but now I'll never use anything else again. I've never had LESS buyer's remorse about a purchase.

2. Starting to exercise. I still hate it - for two hours, four times a week - but I look and feel so much better - like I'm in control of my life.

3. Getting my finances under control. The simple act of finding out how much credit card debt I had made me feel so much better.

4. Being self-employed. Because in college, $55 an hour teaching music beats the heck out of pretty much any other job I could get.

5. Majoring in business instead of music. I know conventional wisdom says to follow your dreams, but I can still sing, and now I can get a day job that pays, to boot!

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