My Favourite Ways to Procrastinate!

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Homework, office work, uni work, housework, the one thing that links them all in my world is that I will put them off for as long as possible! Here are some of my favourite ways to put off the inevitable!

  1. Dying my hair - I usually hate doing it, but when there's another task that needs to be done, it's suddenly not as bad!

  2. Cooking an elaborate snack - Suddenly an omelette with about 12 different fillings that have to be cooked for different lengths of time becomes far more appealing than chocolate!

  3. Playing the built-in Windows games - yes, Solitaire can be really good fun!

  4. Re-watching last week's TV just because it's there.

  5. Making near-endless amounts of tea.

  6. Writing blog posts badly, saving them as drafts then never publishing them.

  7. Reading all the blogs on someones blogroll.

  8. Reading the Wikipedia article of the day, then clicking through to all the related articles and becoming an "expert" on a totally random subject.

  9. Braiding my own hair.

  10. Deciding that now is the perfect time to re-organise my wardrobe / desk / room / life!
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earlgreyrooibos said...

1. Re-reading a book I've already read 4 times just because.

2. Pulling up a blank document and staring off into space "waiting for inspiration"

3. Going for a walk because I "need the exercise." Even if it's cold out, I suddenly NEED to exercise

4. Look through all of my cookbooks deciding on the perfect thing to make for dinner.

Andrea said...

1. My BIG one is painting my nails. If you see me with a perfect manicure, you know I've been avoiding something.

2. Taking a bubble bath so that I'm good and relaxed for all that hard work.

3. Going to the supermarket to get all the ingredients for a quality meal in order to treat myself when the work is done, then preparing and eating the meal before starting the work.

4. Checking out every random bookmark I've ever saved, reading weeks and weeks of pointless gossip blog posts.

5. Making lists. Of course.

Helen said...

1. Blogging and reading blogs. Of course!

2. Organising stuff. Whether it's organising my wardrobe, filing my lecture notes away in a pretty order or sorting out my files on my computer, organising is a major way for me to procrastinate! It feels like I'm doing something productive you know?

3. Baking! I think I'm addicted to baking and I enjoy it so much more than my actual uni work most of the time!

4. Making endless cups of tea!!

Gail said...

1. Cleaning. Probably the whole flat.

2. Organising (like Helen!), wardrobe, underwear drawer, kitchen cabinets...

3. Re-arranging the furniture.

4. Writing lots of lists...

Freya said...

1. Blogging

2. Reading blogs and wikipedia

3. Making lists I don't use/need

4. also, dying my hair

5. Doing Japanese study

just a girl trying to find her place in this world said...

1. Organizing. Especially my office - if I have a project that I am not looking forward to starting, my office will be completely organized and orderly before I begin it.

2. Suddenly finding something I need to do on the computer "right now". For example, posting a blog, posting comments on blogs, updating my FB or MS, researching wedding "stuff".

3. Creating spreadsheets. I know you are probably thinking that this goes along with number 2, but for me this is a completely separate item. I create spreadsheets for EVERYTHING.

4. Making lists of all of the things that I need to get accomplished. Starting with the items that have caused me to procrastinate by making lists.

5. Suddenly getting the urge to clean something.

Eyeliah @ said...

1. commenting on this post.
2. the windows game Spider Solitaire.
3. your #7, I love going thru blogrolls!
4. adding even more blogs to my google reader, because 310 is not enough.

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