Best Sources for Inspiration

We all have moments where it seems our creativity has dried up. It doesn't matter if we're water color artists, website designers, lovelorn poets, or bio-chemists. Sometimes you can't wait for the muse to come calling - sometimes you have to go a-knocking at her door. Below are some of the places I look for inspiration when the going gets tough.
  • Nature! The great outdoors are an unending source of inspiration. A long walk, a run through the woods, a creek where I can sit and jot down ideas while no one is looking. Solitude and a stretch of grass can go a long way.
  • The Internet. Sure, a live connection can often spell disaster for the aimless and uninspired. (Wikipeida, can I please have back all those hours of my life?) However, every tool is a weapon if you hold it right and the Internet can be one of your best defenses against idle hands. Explore images on Flickr, find writing prompts, connect with other artists and makers and movers and shakers. (If you find a good shaker link, let me know.) Give yourself a time limit and when that limit is up, get off the Internet and start creating!
  • Friends. Start a book club, a writers' group, a monthly craft night, a running coterie. Accountability is a strong motivator, and hanging out with your friends makes procrastination seem like a silly idea.
  • Newspapers. I like to page (or click) through the news and save articles about weird places, strange coincidences, and interesting people. Later, when I need an idea, I pull out one of the stories I've squirreled away and use it as a jumping off place for something else.
What do you do when your muse gets lazy? Let us know in the comments!

Posted by Chrissy


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

blogland itself is pretty amazing for me :)

earlgreyrooibos said...

Music. Definitely music.

Doing yoga. It relaxes me if I'm too stressed to concentrate, and it gets me moving if I'm feeling lazy.

Keeping a journal. I can always happen upon bits of inspiration there.

Chrissy said...

blogs are pretty awesome.
i need to keep an inspiration journal. i get lazy when faced with the prospect of writing by hand!

Z said...

Blogs like this are my inspiration :)

I'd love to link up with you xo

Vixel said...

Blogs are always my biggest source of inspiration and when I'm wondering what to write I often find myself composing a response of sorts to something else I've read.

I also find listening to peoples' conversations on public transport, song lyrics and skimming through the "Real Life!!" magazines in the work canteen good sources.

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