Duvet Days!

Sometimes a day off work to do very little is necessary and for me, those days are the Mondays after I've spent the weekend at law school. After a weekend of intensive learning (and usually a great night out on the Saturday too) a day of doing very little really helps to recharge the batteries! 

I like to use these days to completely relax and be a little selfish! Some of my favourite ways to relax on my duvet days are:

  1. Sleeping in is essential - I like to stay in bed as long as possible, which is very easy in winter when it's really too cold to get up!
  2. I'll spend ages in the shower without having to worry that I'm making someone late for work. 
  3. I'll eat a proper breakfast, something I don't tend to have time for on a normal work day. 
  4. I can check my email and read blogs without the fear of my boss appearing over my shoulder! 
  5. I like to drink posh tea whilst watching documentaries and whatever I can find in the "on demand" TV listings. 
  6. I read something "easy" something that doesn't require too much thinking. 
  7. If I feel like being a little more energetic I do some extra exercise, though nothing too strenuous!
  8. I'll cook something that requires more time than I usually have on an evening, such as a stew or something that requires extensive marinating. 

What do you do on your days off work if you're at home on your own? 


Helen said...

Usually most days are spent at home by myself now! Especially since I'm only in uni 2 days a week, but I have lots of studying to do at home :( When I do treat myself to a day off I like to -

1. Bake.
2. Watch This Morning and UKTV Food
3. Spend ages in the bath, pampering myself
4. Tidy my room.
5. Listen to music rather loudly.

Brooke said...

1. Linger over my cup of coffee

2. Spend the afternoon reading in bed.

sonia334 said...

I think I tend to do most of the things you've mentioned on my days off. Here's what I'll add to the list:

-Making coffee in a French press or stovetop espresso
-Knitting while watching movies or tv
-Afternoon naps
-Flipping through magazines
- A nice walk or bike ride around the neighborhood

Bridey said...

At the moment I have lots of days off, which I love! I spend my time:

+ Reading in the sun
+ Catching up on internet reading
+ Finally getting round to finishing little jobs I always put off
+ Planning and scheming (actually I do this all the time anyway!)

Lainey Loop said...

I love having lazt days, normally I will:
1. Lie in until I really can't justify being in bed any more!
2. Put a dvd on.
3. Watch said dvd several times.
4. Paint my nails.
5. Have a bath.
6. Go back to bed.

My lazy days tend to make me rather hungry as I rarely eat, it seems a shame to spoil my day doing dishes!

Sushirobot said...

1. Sleep as long as my dogs allow me (last Sunday it was 1:00pm, wohoo!)

2. Look girly non-sense tv series from MTV.

3. Depending on the weather, a long and easy walk with doggies.

4. Excercise with my hola hoop (my newest addiction!!) or then just some lazy stretching.

5. Long hot shower and pamper myself.

6. Taking a nap if I feel like it.

7. Clean the house (very therapeutic).

Sushirobot said...

Oh and one more...

8. Hanging out in some really comfy clothes like tops, leggings, lingerie, hoodies, .. And NO make-up (unless going to somewhere nice).

Sisa n Roxy said...

1- Have cinnamon twist for breakfast with a huge cup of milk (non fat lactose free if u want to know)

2- I read blogs.

3- Sometimes I watch something that does not require to use my brain. Lame chick flicks.

4. I Bake cookies

5. I walk my dogs.

6. Spend all day in PJS

the_young_dude said...

Just checking. did you ever get my list? If you did and don't want to post it, it's cool, just let me know and I'll use the content for my own blog!

Bridey said...

@ Pia - can you resend it? I don't think we got it: listaddicts@gmail.com

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