My Little "Addictions"

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Whether real, chemical addictions or just things we believe we couldn't live without, everyone has those things in their lives they love so much they could never give up! I happen to be in possession of quite an obsessive personality, so here are but a few of my little addictions!
  1. Lists of course!
  2. Coffee, I really am physically addicted to this one, I can't go a couple of days without it or I get headaches, but I love it so much!
  3. Checking my blog stats.
  4. Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook - I'm trying to beat a colleague's top score!
  5. Many, many TV shows, most notably Spooks (MI-5 to readers in the US), Gossip Girl, Heroes, Fringe, and so the list goes on.
  6. Re-watching my favourite movies - some of them I could see hundreds of times and never tire of!
  7. Cheese! When on diets this is the one "fattening" food I can never give up. Chocolate, cake, anything like that I can manage without, but cheese is just too good!
  8. Drawing stars on things, usually bits of scrap paper on my desk when I'm meant to be working, but I've accidentally drawn them on exam papers in the past!
  9. Researching things - if something interests me, I have to know as much about it as I can!
  10. Blogging! I haven't been doing it long, but if someone told me I could never blog again I think I'd be inconsolable!

What are your little addictions?


Lainey Loop said...

1. Wiping my kitchen worktop
2. Making things neat and preferably at right angles
3. Refreshing my Facebook home page
4. Eating food in even numbers
5. Making lists!!


Helen said...

1. Baking
2. Shopping (or at least online window shopping)
3. Eating!
4. Tea.
5. Procrastination (this includes blog stalking, facebook stalking, etc)

Eyeliah @ said...

1. cuddling up to my hubby to fall asleep.
2. getting up 2 hours before I have to leave for work.
3. also making lists.
4. Americas next Top Model and Gossip Girl (even though its been not so good lately)
5. Candy
6. Online Shopping
7. Blogging

just a girl trying to find her place in this world said...

1. Lists (of course)
2. Facebook
3. Browsing blogs by what is in a blogger's follow list (aka stalking)
4. Checking my email obsessively
5. Putting things in order (and if there isn't an obvious order, I will create one)
6. Cheese also - I am so on board w/the original post

Bridey said...

+ the internet
+ making elaborate plans
+ journals
+ long showers
+ adventures

Jasmine said...

I am right there with you with Gossip Girl and researching things. I get downright obsessive when it comes to my research!

keeping boredom at bay said...

Recent addictions include:
-chocolate covered espresso beans
-used books stores
-sending postcards while on vacation
-Flight of the Concords
-Cereal for dinner

A girl in the world said...

♥ Pressed or filtered coffee (never instant)
♥ Researching clothes online before I go shop
♥ Ebay browsing (only browsing, thankfully)
♥ Reading advice column archives
♥ Checking email

By the by, what's the story with the List Addicts email list? I signed up ages ago and nothing has been sent yet...

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