Tiny Things That are Totally Satisfying

  1. Using up all the ink in a pen and then throwing it away
  2. Burping
  3. Finding money in the pockets of jeans you rarely wear
  4. Eating everything on your plate
  5. Getting a good grade on that paper you totally half-assed
  6. Walking out in the middle of a movie that is totally crap
  7. Actually having the perfect comeback for a snarky comment (at the time of the snarky comment, not two hours later)
What little things satisfy you?

Posted by Sarah Von


Erin said...

Snapping a Lego into place. (Weird?)

keeping boredom at bay said...

Making my bed before leaving for work.

Anonymous said...

Rubbing my eyes in the morning
Swearing (I save the really bad swear words for when I'm furious, and when I finally say them everyone seems to stand still in shock for a second. It's brilliant)
Peeling sunburned skin off

Brooke said...

+Finishing a run
+Freshly shaved legs
+Finally buying that ticket for my world travels :)

Mallory M said...

- Saving what looks like the tastiest morsel of your dinner / dessert to the side of your plate & eating it last. Best for last.
- Looking at a big pile of crayon or pencil shavings
- Ripping the packaging off a new dvd or cd

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

-Crossing everything off my post it list and being able to toss it out!
-Getting my hair to curl right.
-Liking what I put on for work that day.

Alyssa said...

i actually just used up the ink in a really great pen today and although i loved it, it was so great to throw it away!

Mavis said...


Wanderlustress said...

Putting your hair back into a ponytail after it's been bugging you for ages. :)

Bridey said...

+ popping bubble wrap
+ stretching
+ staying in bed while someone else has to get up early
+ peeling sunburn (princesslaura-x I totally agree!)

Anonymous said...

- Yawning a really big yawn and stretching after i wake up
- Painting my nails
- Cracking my knuckles, neck and back
- Coming home from a day out, kicking off my shoes, putting on some baggy clothes and pining back my fringe out of my face
- Scratching an itch
- Updating my diary
- Picking scabs, popping pimples (i know its gross, but oh so satisfying)

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