Rain, Rain - I Guess You Can Stay

April showers are right around the corner, but here in East Texas the rainy season is already in full swing. Personally, I love the rain - it provides the perfect backdrop for a lot of my favorite activities, and the perfect excuse to indulge in others. Here's a list of things I like to do when the clouds are heavy and the puddles are deep.
  • Drink peppermint tea on the porch.
  • Crack open the window and read a book in bed.
  • Play Scrabble by candlelight.
  • Put on a raincoat and rubber boots and go for a walk, making sure to jump in every puddle I see.
  • Bake a vegetable pot pie and a plate of brownies.
  • Watch as many episodes of My So-Called Life as I can handle before dying of embarrassment.


Rachel said...

The fun of scrabble is amplified enormously by candle light... even when you're playing with an asshead who refuses to admit defeat because he had "the best words" despite his low low score!

Zmaga said...

My So-Called Life!! Ah, yes, the perfect indoor activity :D

Pixie Dust said...

Here in Europe, it just keeps raining... I'm definitely going to try out the puddle idea soon :))
I'm really glad you found your way to my blog. Alfons Mucha? He really is a genius! I haven't provided so much information about him in the article, but just Google him - his life was almost as interesting as his paintings (well, ALMOST :))
I really like your blog, I'll keep checking and waiting for new posts :))
If you like mine, do the same, I will definitely be posting more and also some art related rubbish :)))
Much love <3

releasealittledemon said...

I'm a "Six Feet Under" addict myself. I save piddly amounts of money thinking, "Oo! I can put these three dollars towards buying the box set of all five seasons!" This is after I gave into my "Rome" addiction, too. I think I may have an HBO problem...

Jasmine said...

haha Rachel! i am totally that asshead who complains about losing because my words were better. i'll admit it!

i love the rain too. it's the best. i probably wouldn't like it quite as much if i didn't live in southern california where we only get a few good days of rain a season, if we're lucky. one of my favorites to do when it rains is head over to my mom's house and hang out in her living room. that room has THE best rain acoustics i have ever witnessed. i have even been known to sleep over, slumber party style in the living room, just to listen to the rain.

Sushirobot said...

Hahah, My So-Called Life is so hilarious! It was the centre of my (so-called) life when I was in my teens.

Would be a great to see the episodes after all these years. Maybe I'll search them from internet next time it rains in Finland ;)

Milly said...

MSCL rules! Yay good list.

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