Most Adventurous Activities

I'm always using the term "adventure" to describe situations or activities, and over the last few years I have actually done a few things which truly deserve this title:
  • Went swimming with dolphins in water populated by giant squid
  • Went snorkelling on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Bungy jumped off a 35 metre bridge
  • Survived a Rage Against the Machine concert with only a few bruises
  • Rode an elephant in Thailand
  • Spent two nights in a haunted jungle hut
  • Camped illegally in France on two seperate occasions
What are some of the most adventurous things that you've ever done, or would like to do if you get the chance?

Posted by Bridey


Sarah Von said...

* swam in the Amazon River
* ate chicken hearts
* attended The Love Parade in Berlin
* attended Carnival in Bolivia
* crawled through Bolivian silver mines
* fished for Piranhas
* hiked at 4,800 meters above sea level

Mavis said...

your list makes my life seem terribly boring.

Rebecca said...

I think I need some more adventure, but in the meantime:

+ Climbing half-dome at Yosemite National Park.
+ Catching the ferry to Molokai to Maui, Hawaii.
+ Kayaking in Palm Cove, Australia in a jellyfish suit that didn't cover my feet (do deadly jellyfish avoid feet?).
+ Swimming in Palm Cove then noticing the jellyfish/shark/crocodile signs.

Mila said...

I ve also did the elephant thing, also in Thailand.
Slept in the ice hotel (the bed was made out of ice, the room out of ice and was -5C)
Went on a snowmobile Northern lights safari.

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