Things I Never Thought I'd Do (And Did!)

photo credit: StevenM_61

Sometimes we surprise everyone - including ourselves! Below is a list of things that I once thought I would never, ever do. And yet here I am, 26.5 years old and the proud of accomplish-er of all them. Kind of makes me wonder what I'll have done, where I'll have gone, in another three, five or ten years. The possibilities are endless...

1. Become a person who regularly runs 6 miles at a time and is training for a half marathon. (In 2nd grade, I was in remedial gym. I've come a long way, baby.)

2. Go completely vegan. (My parents don't believe a meal is complete unless it includes meat. Quite a hurdle to overcome.)

3. Be a librarian. (Mom suggested to become a librarian, and I laughed in her face. Now I think it's once of the coolest professions around.)

4. Live in Texas. (I'm a New Yorker born and raised, but when Texas came calling I had to answer.)

5. Become friends with my sisters. (We fought tooth and nail growing up. Now we hang out together every chance we get, which isn't nearly as often as I'd like.)

Now it's your turn - how have you surprised yourself?


Marie said...

I'm right there with you on the running, though I am not nearly as consistent as you.

Nicole Ioma said...

The running thing too! I always hated running, but then one day I realized that it's something I actually enjoy doing.

A few other things are: date someone like my boyfriend (he is not my type at all!), be an artist (I could never figure out drawing when I was growing up so I thought I was doomed to never be artistic-so wrong), and also I'm with you on the being friends with siblings thing-my brother hated me growing up but now we're really good friends.

Eyeliah @ said...

good one um.....move to Vancouver!
Get married at 20.
Play music in a band.
Go to concerts solo.
Travel solo (about to!)

Ms Constantine said...

Leave my job to work on my own business (coming soon)
Become a pescetarian
Consider myself creative
Write for fun

RazorCandy said...

* Move to Ottawa
* Pee on a castle in Ireland (shh)
* Make the Dean's List
* Love my body!

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