My Favorite Candies

Eyeliah of is a West Coast Canadian Girl who likes to blog her outfit posts daily and post favorite inspirations she finds on the web. She is obsessive with her list making so was obviously compelled to contribute to List Addicts.

Okay, so please say I am not the only one addicted to uber-sweet treats? It's the perfect thing to eat right before bed to keep you up (hello sugar) and also give you nightmares! They make your teeth sore and your dentist mad, but it is so worth it!

A few of my favorites are....
  • Tootsie Pops
  • Rocket Candies
  • Popeye Candy Sticks
  • Super Nibs
  • Double Lollies

What are your favorites?


Mallory M said...

strawberry sour belts / raisinettes / sour patch kids / haribo gummy bears / green apple air heads / bazooka bubble gum / cadbury flake / so many more

Eyeliah @ said...

Thanks ladies!! :-) Easter is a fitting day to post it on!

Anonymous said...

Sour Patch Kids
Reeses Pieces
Junior Mints
Sweet tarts
Gummy Bears

Zavi said...

I don't eat candy much, but I love
Ferrero Rocher
Cadbury Creme Eggs
See's Candy Chocolate Walnut Fudge
and the See's Divinity Puff.

just a girl trying to find her place in this world said...

Reeses Peanut Butter EGGS! (for easter :))
Green Apple Air Heads
Strawberry Starbursts
Purple Skittles
Almond Rocha

Sarah L. said...

My 3 favorites
1) Smarties
2) Take 5
3) M&M's

Anonymous said...

My favourites:

1) Butter/Pillow Mints
2) Popeye candy sticks
3) Sponge toffee!

Though exams are making me crave sweets of all kinds!


Madeleine said...

- Jellybellys
- Gobstoppers
- Chuppachups
- Fizzers
- Allens snakes alive
- Anything else except licorice/chocolate

I love candy, its my life seriously. I have an over the top crazy sweet tooth

Mavis said...

1. smarties
2. blackcurrent frutips
3. ribena pastiles

Ariella said...

I've never heard of any of these, but they do look yummy!

My favourites are skittles, licorice and good chocolate.

RazorCandy said...

Fun Dip. Fun Dip Fun Dip Fun Dip.

Mmmmm sugar.

Jackie said...

black licorice
good and plenty
hershey bars (just milk chocolate please)
pineapple flavored gummy bears
almond rocha
spiced gumdrops (especially the purple ones)

Anonymous said...

Sno Caps
Frozen Snickers
Pecan Pralines
Chocolate Turtles

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