My Favourite Technological Advances

I love technology and can't even imagine life without all the gadgets we have to improve it! Here are my current favourites:
  1. Wireless internet. The internet just keeps getting better.
  2. iPods. A soundtrack for my life? Yes please!
  3. Dishwashers. I've always hated doing dishes, so love the fact that there's a machine to take care of them instead.
  4. Digital cameras. No more waiting for days/weeks/months to finally get a film developed (and then finding out that all of the photos were terrible anyway).
  5. Jet planes. Because I have better things to do than sit on a boat for weeks when I decide to travel to the other side of the world.
What advances in technology could you not do without?

Posted by Bridey


Anonymous said...

Lint-eating machines (inventing for thrift-store cruising Virgos like me!)

Wikipedia (Because I want to know. Immediately)

The undo buttom (And why isn't there one for real life)

Hulu (I have not paid for cable ever)

Eyeliah SS said...

1. internet in general.
2. also digital cameras.
3. texting!
4. elevators.
5. curling irons.

Darcie said...

dishwashers...why don't i have one?
definitely digital cameras
and YES! WIRELESS!!! (as i type this from my bed!)


Lainey Loop said...

*My iPhone, it's everything in one!

*Dyson Hoovers.

*Power Tools.

I can't imagine having not had any of these things, I'm so grateful to live in the time I do now!


Sisa said...

Wireless Internet
Digital Cameras
Txt Message ( perfect for us who dosen't to talk)

I think all modern technology deserves a kudo!!

Jackie said...

Greetings from my bed with a towel wrapped around my bed- I love wireless internet!

Digital Cameras
MRI machines
Video game consoles.

Ms Constantine said...

Back when I was 9 or 10 I used to fantasise with my sister about magical contraptions that would enable me to carry around 20 or even 50 CDs in the size of one, and being able to get all of a days TV so that you could watch it whenever you want and can fast forward through the ads.

I'm still pretty amazed it came true, but better.

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