Things I Will Do Differently Next Time

This time (THIS time!) it´s going to be different, right? I´m going to do my absolute best, I´m not going to sell myself short, I´m going to live up to my potential: at my job, with my friends, with my lover. This time it´s going to be different.
  1. Next time that friend insists on using the word ¨retarded¨to describe something ridiculous/challenging/stupid, I´m going to point out how highly offensive and inappropriate that word is.
  2. I´m going to listen to my gut.
  3. During the job interview, I´m not going to pretend like occasionally working weekends and nights is cool. It is not, in fact, cool.
  4. I´m not going to be fooled by the term ¨garden apartment¨
  5. I´m not going to hide my affection for ¨Paris Hilton´s New BFF¨
  6. I´m not going to downplay the fact that I´m probably tougher than my date.

What are you going to do differently next time?

Posted by Sarah Von


Jacqueline said...

Things I will do differently this time:
1. I will put myself first.
2. I will focus on my career
3. I will take care of my body.
4. I will keep my promises to myself.
5. I will never again throw myself on the floor in a heap when something goes wrong.

Sisa said...

I will think in me

I will finish what I started

I will be a profesor

I will learn more languages

I will take risks

I will be me!

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