My Most Annoying Habits

Apparently I have quite a few annoying habits, and I would like to assume I'm not the only one! Here are the things I do that drive other people crazy:
  • Leaving half-drunken drinks around the house
  • Excessively quoting from my favourite movies/TV programmes/books
  • Forgetting to email or text people back
  • Reminding people about the ridiculous things they did while drunk
  • Making lists for EVERYTHING (but that's hardly surprising!)
What habits do you have that other people can't stand?

Posted by Bridey


sarah von said...

- inadvertently correcting people's grammar (I try really hard not to do this, but sometimes it happens. SO AWFUL!)

- generally being incredibly impatient

- Secretly cleaning up after people, or cleaning up my own party before it's over

- Saying incredibly biting and un-take-backable things when I'm upset

What a piece of work!

Anonymous said...

- leaving bags lying around (not plastic ones - just work bag, laptop, gym etc) and then falling over them
- I correct people's spelling (even though I'm not that good at it myself)
- chewing things - particularly plastic
- not ringing people (I blame email)

Lainey Loop said...

I do the grammar thing too, I'm training to be a teacher so blame it on that!

I always have to alphabetize things, Cd's, dvd's anything, even if they are not mine.

I have to put things straight too, the remotes must line up, and books or magazines must be at nice 90degree angles.

Hoovering my boyfriend is probably the worst one I do. If I've just hoovered the floor and i can see has crumbs on him I get my baby Dyson out and hoover him to save me re-doing the floor!

I have yet to be informed of any other habits I have that are annoying, although I am sure there are more!


jezzabellegiggles said...

biting my nails ;)

Ana Lor said...

1.- cleaning up- i say why would you want to be in a dirty place, everybody else says i have ocd. i don't care *lol*
2.- making lists- of everything. things i have to do, brainstorming, things i wanna get...
3.-staying up all night and finally falling asleep minutes before my alarm goes off.

Mavis said...

1. being a killjoy

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