Songs I'm Ashamed to Admit I like

You know how there are songs that make you want to roll your windows down and turn the volume up? And then there are songs that require you quietly jam out, at home, when you're alone because you don't want anyone to know you like them? Behold: my guilty, guilty pleasures.

Juice Newton: Queen of Hearts
What's that you say? Weird 80s country/pop fusion? With hand claps? Soooo gooooood. I'm probably also partial to this song because it's practically the soundtrack to my childhood. Every time I hear this, I'm wearing my Superwoman underwear/camisole set all over again, dancing on the deck with Terry Overocker, my dicey next door neighbor.

Pussy Cat Dolls: When I Grow Up
Total, total rubbish. But perfect for strutting around the house in fancy underwear, vamping into your full length mirror. You know, just hypothetically.

Hilary Duff: Wake Up
Good lord. Do you promise not to disown me if I tell you that this used to be part of my "getting ready to go out" play list? Like, uh, not that long ago? I don't even care that the girl can't sing her way out of a wet paper bag.

ACDC: Thunderstruck
Yes, that's correct. Both Hilary Duff and ACDC have a place on my Ipod. I think my fondness for this song has more to do with my tiny, blue collar hometown than anything else. I feel like this song is made for drinking Coors light and throwing a football as the sun sets. Not that I have ever done either of those things.

Aqua: Lollipop
Just for you, a second helping of rubbish. More lip syncing around the apartment, more vamping in underwear. I spent a good part of my junior year of college frequenting gay bars with my posse of theater majors and dancing my ass off to songs of this ilk.

What songs need to be buried deep in your Ipod?


eednic said...

you should never be ashamed to like Juice Newton! the woman is an icon! (is that the right word? icon?)

she had numerous #1 hits! the sweetest thing, angel of the morning, break it to me gently, love's been a little bit hard on me!

you should totally watch all the videos. they are fun!

i was a member of her fan club (actually, still am) for many many years. i have some autographed things from her too. cuz i rock like that. sboontz!

Lainey Loop said...

I have a few bands from the 90's lurking on my Iphone!

-5IVE are in there (if you're not in the know, check them out!! Slam Dunk Da Funk is a personal favourite!)

-N*Sync, I was sent a link to their back catalogue and just felt like it was what was missing in my life!

-Paul Wall: Grillz. Totally not my scene, yet I love the lyrics and now it all off by heart!

Those are the main three that I can own up to, the rest will remain a secret!!


Michelle said...

Oh man, I love country stars with bad names. Juice Newton, Eddie Rabbit, Billy Ray Cyrus... lol. Mullets are also a factor in choosing terrible awesome music.


What's wrong with AC/DC? xD

Probably Britney Spears and ... The Backstreet Boys. (I'm sure there are more, these are just the ones that popped into my head)

The Naked Redhead said...

Um, pretty sure I may or may not "Taking Chances" by Celine Dion song on my IPod. I also have a ton of Broadway music, which I'm not particularly ashamed of, although not everyone wants to hear me blaring "You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want (When You're Making Love)" from Avenue Q in my car. Whatevs, art haters! :)

Eyeliah SS said...

I can see why you are shamed (lol! j/k).

Um Anything Abba, also some Aqua or Ace of Base, love the Swedish 90s Pop. Tatu songs (oh god but they are catchy), also see disney soundtracks - eep!

Rita said...

How is AC/DC shameworthy?
It's an epic, kickass band.
Seriously NO need to be embarassed.
In reality, people actually multiply your cool factor by 50 when you say you like them.

True story.

RMb said...

wannabe by the spice girls, 500 miles by the proclaimers, what's my age again? & all the small things by blink 182, how to save a life by the fray, down under by men at work and africa by toto
you may all judge me now. :)

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