Things I Forgot I Loved From Ages 9-14

  1. Choke Cherries
  2. The words “Jack Pine Savage
  3. Riding in cars on dusty back roads on sunny days
  4. Sleeping sinfully late into the morning
  5. The linemen’s boots my dad wore to work everyday
  6. The smell of puppies
  7. The quarter mile walk to the mailbox for love letters
  8. Falling asleep in an old camper after a long day of swimming and running
  9. Meeting boys from other towns
  10. Dancing to Bruce Springsteen on the deck with mom and my brother
  11. The prospect of falling in love

Posted by Darcie


Lana said...

Boys from other towns. Yes. 9-14 and beyond.

bun2bon said...

1. Woven baskets, especially if filled with books or handicraft projects.

2. Sanrio

3. Methodically reading every single word on every single environmental text every where I go

4. Long hair

5. Shrimp chips

6. Saturday morning/after school cartoons

7. Looking forward to being grown-up

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