Things I Need To Do More Of

1, 2, 3, 4

Here are a few things, from the small and mundane to the huge undertakings that I either want or need to do more of in my life. 

  1. Sleep - No matter how much I get, I want to stay in bed longer than I can in the morning, and I know I don't get nearly enough during the working week. 
  2. Exercise - Another thing I don't do as much as I should, despite my frequent good intentions. The gym ball sits in the corner of my room, seldom-used since I bought it. 
  3. Travel - I want to see the world, at the moment, even though I'm better-travelled than quite a few people I know, I yearn to see more of it.
  4. Read - I spend far less time reading nowadays than I used to, probably because much of my time is taken up online now, of engaged in several activities at once. I'm trying to train myself into reading books regularly again, not just on public transport, and it's starting to work. 
  5. Catch Up - With old friends, with new, with family and just with people and life in general, I should definitely do more catching up. 
  6. Unwind - I need to spend less time messing around during the day so that I can work at a normal pace, finish early then unwind properly in the evening. Procrastination is no substitute for proper relaxation!

What do you need to do more of? 


Anonymous said...

My list would be exactly the same!

Jackie said...

Drink more water!
Study Japanese
Job Hunt

Read - I haven't touched a book since summer vacation started. All I have are long novels which are too reminiscent of college. I just want to read a short, fun book.

Catch up - I'm home for summer, so now would be the perfect time to visit my friends (I've not seen most in about a year). Unfortunately, I've not gotten around to hanging out with my buds yet.

Bridey said...

Everything you said plus
+ Writing
+ Blogging (I have been incredibly slack lately!)
+ Music

jezzabellegiggles said...

i need more

1. love
2. freedom
3. shoes
4. happyness
5. romance
and money ;)

Eyeliah SS said...

practice guitar
keep my mouth closed

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