Animals I do NOT Like

I am an animal nerd like none other. I will notice your dog's new haircut and tell him that he's handsome. I will eagerly await the release of the movie G-Force (OMG! Secret Agent Guinea Pigs!) and I will refer to my BFF's cats as my "Kitty Nephews."

However, there are some animals that even I can't muster enthusiasm for.

  1. Snakes: Because, dude. Where are your legs?

  2. Eels: You're like snakes, but less esthetically appealing. And you're in the water which makes you even grosser.

  3. Axolotls: A restaraunt in the town where I went to college inexplicably had a tank full of these digusting creatures in the dining room. Whenever I ate at said restaraunt I would always stop and mutter hateful things into the aquarium on my way to the bathroom.

  4. Flying Fish: For the longest time, I fostered a bizarre nightmare involving being in a boat that was inundated by a school of flying fish and getting one caught in my hair. And then I read The Life of Pi and had my worst fears confirmed! Or as much as fears can be confirmed by a work of fiction.

  5. Tapirs: Dude. You are not a proper animal. You are the bastard child of a threesome between a donkey/pig/elephant. Also, I suspect you smell really bad.
What animals fail to float your boat?
Posted by Sarah Von


The Naked Redhead said...

I don't mind the Axolotls, but I HATE spiders, and I really despise those GIANT toads they have in like jungles and Australia and stuff. Ugh.

Jackie said...

- Spiders. Spiders scare the bajesus out of me.
- Certain snakes are okay, but the scary poisonous ones I cannot stand.
- Dogs are cute, but I'm afraid of them. So, I usually put them under the "animals-I-do-not-like" list. I'm working on warming up to them because I think owning a bloodhound would be neat.
- Cicadas. One landed on me once a few years back. It was huge and I screamed my head off.

Christina Hicks said...

SQUID! I HATE squid, especially the idea of Giant Squid. *shudders* However, I have a deep deep love for octopi, weird, I know.

Anonymous said...

Horses, Hamsters, CATS, kind of dogs cause I'm a little afraid of them

Bridey said...

+ Pigeons
+ Seagulls
...actually any animal that tries to steal my food when I'm not looking
+ Leeches
+ Naked Mole-rats (check out this link and you will totally understand)

darya said...

Animals I love (of the aforementioned)
(and as a former zoo volunteer, I can tell you they smell no worse than horses, and are really sweet and cuddly, or the one I worked with was)
*naked mole rats
they are cute, and holding one in your hand is so weird, because the warm, naked creature, whose soft heartbeat you can feel is actually ALIVE

Animals I hate
(hate hate hate taking them off after wading through a marsh or pond!)
(because they are poisonous, bite and are totally uncuddly and have the nasty habit of sneaking up on one)
*elephants and hippos
huge, angry and annoyingly stupid. Prone to attack humans for no apparent reason
*also, wild boar and horses. For the same reason.

Lindindin said...

nooo, i love axolots! they´re so cute and look like they´re smiling! And you can pet tapirs into a trance, so they´re cool, too.

I detest pigeons and seagulls. Dirty, horrible creatures. But my worst fear in the animal kingdom are scorpions. *shudder* they´re like little horrible machines of DEATH.

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