Things I Plan To Never Do

I'm constantly making lists of things I want to do, so I thought I'd try something different for a change! Here are the things I plan to never do:
  1. Change my name. I like it the way it is!
  2. Go to the North or South Pole. Although it would be an adventure, I hate being cold and have accepted the fact that sub zero temperatures are not for me.
  3. Buy an expensive new car. Old cars have so much more character.
  4. Stop travelling. So much to see, so much to do!
  5. Go into outer space.  This may be linked to a dream I had which involved exploding in space.
Is there anything you never want to do?

Posted by Bridey


Ms Constantine said...

1. Go on a boat cruise. Boats scare me.
2. Shave off my hair.
3. Work for bitches again. Not sure how lucky I'll get with this. But all going well I won't have to work (directly) for anyone.

Hannah Miet said...

1. Heroin
2. The suburbs
3. Stop wishing on eyelashes and 11:11.
4. Back down.

Mavis said...

1. bungee jump

Deeploveandsweetrunnings said...

Never say never! But..

1. Jump from very high heights
2. Drugs
3. Change who i am for someone else
4. Live on a farm or in the country
5. Change my name when i get married
6. Use fake tan
7. Consume meat and meat products
8. Do anything that doesnt make me smile, or happy, or feel joy (e.g work somewhere shitty, let someone walk all over me)
9. Be in a abusive relationship
10. Be negetive, pessimestic, bitter or cynical.

Ashita said...

i never want to be forced into anything
degraded through mundane societal beliefs and views
never want to lose reality

Anonymous said...

1. carry a bunny in my arms with my new striped suit on.
2.lose the ability to dream and hope
3.forget the names of old schoolmates when you bump into them

Eyeliah @ said...

1. also heroin
2. bungee jump
3. get a cat
4. divorce my husband
5. work in fast food

just a girl trying to find her place in this world said...

1. Drugs. Never have never will.
2. Steal.
3. Purposely cause harm to an animal. I say purposely because I might accidentlay hit a squirrel in my car even though I am one of those people who are extremely dangerous on the road because I will do whatever it takes to not hit an animal. I never have - knock on wood.
4. Be a man.
5. Cut my hair short. I need to be able to have a pony tail.
6. Have a job I hate.
7. Be perfect.
8. Give up.

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