Things I Found During Spring Cleaning That Make Me Go ¨Hmmmm?¨

Lana, a.k.a. goatygoat, is a blogger, artist, student, and keen observer living in Seattle. She cultivates a raging coffee addiction, can embroider better than your grandma, and is pretty excited to have found fellow list-makers.

1. A gigantic floral suitcase that neither I nor my husband remembers obtaining or carefully tucking underneath the bed.
2. Panties that I bought ten years ago, that I've never ever fit into, and have never worn once.
3. A shrunken wool vest that I couldn't bear to part with, even after its stint with the clothes dryer made it too small to fit even one arm through the hole.
4. Twenty-six pencils tucked in various convenient places around the house. Seriously? The house isn't that big. We live in an Airstream.
5. The orange plastic hair pick that my mother gave me when I was a kid! I thought I'd lost it!6. Two books about rats.
7. My high school transcript.
8. A check from the state of Washington, and an apology letter for overcharging me for my car registration two years in a row.
9. A huge bag of clothes hangers in the mystery cabinet underneath the bed. We have a total of 36" of clothes-hanging space.
10. A postcard that I thought I sent months ago, and about which I'd been a little miffed at not receiving a reply.
11. Remember that bag of almonds that burst open in the kitchen about six months ago? Found a bunch of them in random places. Yum.

What ridiculous things have you found while cleaning?


Erin said...

When we were in college, my hubs got mono and had to go into the hospital. I decided to spring clean his dorm so it'd be sparkly and fresh when he got back. He had the top bunk, and in the ceiling tiles above his bed I found 3 empty soda cans, about 4 million Starburst wrappers, a book, and a ceramic mold of his teeth.

Needless to say, he does his own spring cleaning now.

Michelle said...

Last year I found the shirt I thought my roommate stole. Thank goodness I never said anything to her about it when I thought she took it! Turns out it was hiding behind the dryer.

Helen said...

hehe these are funny. my boyfriend found a girl's deodorant down the back of his radiator and asked me if it was mine - it was some cheapo make that looked like it was from the 90s and i was all like 'I only use Dove! It must be your other girlfriends hmph...' when of course it was really just his sister's cos that used to be her room. Can't believe it had been there all that time though! About 5/6 years!

Eyeliah @ said...

oh my!!! definitely have found almods all over the place too. and receipts I needed for my taxes, 3 years back. lol.

Vixel said...

Last time I cleaned I found loads of those containers that come inside Kinder eggs, as well as dozens of half-used notebooks, a pair of sunglasses I'd forgotten I owned and hundreds of loose seed beads!

Love Simone said...

Whilst moving out of my apartment last week, found four bras I thought my roommate had stolen/"borrowed without asking" 6 months ago. They had merely fallen behind the drawers in the dresser...oops. Probably shouldn't have picked a fight and accused of her of taking them..

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