5 Reasons I'm Ready to be 30

5) A Saturday afternoon organizing my spices is well spent. Offers deep satisfaction.

4) President’s introduction to Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor makes me weepy. Anything related to the first couple, really.

3) It is socially appropriate for my friends to be married, have children, or even be divorced and remarried.

2) Drinking four or five beers on a Tuesday night is pretty fun, but still not as fun as it was six or seven years ago.

1) All my friends are doing it.

Are you ready?

Posted by Darcie


Anonymous said...

Yes and no. Yes in the sense that I've never been a party girl so I look forward to when people my own age stop behaving like alcoholic idiots and start socialising in a more civilised manner. Yes in the sense that in your 30s, taking an interest in art, culture and politics is a good thing, whereas in your 20s it's considered abnormal.

But no in the sense that I don't like or want kids and I know that once my friends hit their 30s, they'll start breeding. Everyone seems to look down on people who are childfree (as opposed to childless) and I already get the occasional snide comment. When I'm in my 30s and still being "weird" I know I'll lose a lot of closed-minded friends. Sad but true.

Also no because I still think of myself as young and 30s isn't young. It's not old either, but it's not young. I want to stay this way a while longer...

sarah von said...

I'm ready - mostly. Everybody says that your 20s are tumultuous and hard and that by 30, you really know who you are and you're really comfortable with your life. I'd like that!

Also, I've always loved Martha Stewart Living and the Oprah magazine, and maybe that'll seem more age-appropriate once I'm 30!

Jeanne said...

I hated turning thirty. Forty was much easier. I think you do know yourself better in your thirties, but I feel like I'm just starting to learn what makes me tick. My kids are older, and will likely be out of the house in the next 7 years. It kind of feels like I'll be starting life again at 50. And that's not a bad thing...

jezzabellegiggles said...

ive got none, never had one, might have one in the near future;

im not ready to be 30. =)

The Naked Redhead said...

I *think I'm ready! I've definitely found that--so far--I am not, as I've always believed, on the long, slippery slope to mom jeans and Keds. I really like "me" these days...not sure if it's the 30 thing or not. Great post!

Anonymous said...

This list could very easily be re-appropriated, re-titled, and pasted into my blog as "5 Reasons I am already 30; I've been living a lie all these years". Honestly. I guess some of us just "age" faster on the inside? If you and your barely-legal friends are having a rager on a Tuesday night and the cops show up, sadly it was probably I (hoping to get some shut-eye) that called them. Good list.

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