7 Reasons I'm a Big Geek

I think, deep down, everyone geeks about something. Here's a list of some of my terribly geeky traits! 

  1. I picked my phone based on the fact that it has a full keyboard and can be hooked up to my laptop to use as a modem.
  2. I check my email every day when I'm on holiday. (and about 8 times a day when I'm not!)
  3. If I skip a day's blog-reading my Google reader has over 300 posts waiting for me!
  4. I identify with the boys on The Big Bang Theory.
  5. I almost skipped a valuable day's revision to travel to Milton Keynes to get Ben Browder and Nathan Fillion's autographs, and only the price put me off.
  6. I find my law course fascinating!
  7. I own, on DVD, a documentary about BBSs (it's realy interesting!) and Helvetica, which is just awesome.

Are you a geek too? What makes you geeky?


Anonymous said...

- I enjoy reading text books.
- I correct other peoples' grammar.
- I enjoy text adventures.
- I like lists.
- And detest l33t.
- I love to read.
- I have made circuit board earrings.
- I've tried to teach myself CSS and HTML coding.
- I have a blog.

Is This Real Life? said...

I have just stumbled upon you blog, It's really great!
I'm a total list addict too!
Great post!

Lindis said...


1. I sort my books by height, tallest to the left, smallest to the right, and wish that publishers would publish every book by an author the same size so I could sort them by size AND author.

2. I understand geeky tshirts even though I am a female EngLit student.

3. xkcd is the prominent feature on my iGoogle

4. If I want to shut some stuck program on my laptop, I go via processes, not task manager.

5. I am a girl with a Steam account.

Kaylen said...


1. I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend - although each of us are on separate computers looking at our own things.

2. I enjoy lectures (school-related and otherwise).

3. Typography is very important to me. If I don't like how something looks, I might not read it.

4. I, like Anonymous, correct other people's grammar. Notoriously.

5. I feel naked when I don't have my cell phone with me and unproductive when I don't have my laptop with me.

alyssa said...

i just watched that helvetica documentary a couple days ago!!

Melissa said...

Geeks are the new chic!

Alexandra said...

1. I am a geneticist. Need I go on?
2. I love Star Trek.
3. I prefer watching Star Trek than going clubbing.
4. I IM my boyfriend to tell him to turn the volume down.
5. I wear glasses and refuse to wear contacts.
6. I think lab glassware is adorable and am thinking of using some as decor in my house.

releasealittledemon said...

- I am a giant internet nerd and run my organization's social media strategy, which means I spend 50% of every day on Facebook and Twitter, and I don't have to hide it. I often say to my coworkers, "Did you see what happened on Twitter today?"
- I LOVE the library. Probably more than is normally acceptable for a young person.
- I've seen the entire "Cowboy Bebop" series four times. And saw the movie in the theatre. By myself.
- I've seen every episode of "Brotherhood 2.0" http://www.brotherhood2.com/index.php
- Ditto to having a blog! :)

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