Movie and TV Endings That Always Make Me Cry

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It's a big cliche for a woman to sit down with a box of tissues, some chocolate and a good tearjerker, and many of us have our favourites, the films that, no matter how many times we watch them, always seem to make us well up. Here's my top five, and they're not all the girly tearjerker classics I expected to think of when I started this post. What are yours?

  1. Apollo 13 
  2. Armageddon 
  3. The end of Season 2 of Skins
  4. Saving Private Ryan 
  5. Dancer in the Dark



Haha, I find number 3. pretty funny :) I cried when Sid was right next to Cassie in that diner in New York.

Anonymous said...

1. The Crucible ( the one with Winona Ryder). God, I bawl my eyes out.
2. the new Star Trek movie, but I cry at the beginning, not the end.
3. The season finale of ER where Dr. Greene dies. *sniffle*

Anonymous said...

When A Man Loves a Woman gets me every time

Anonymous said...

I don’t tend to gravitate towards movies that keep me crying throughout – it’s usually just during a scene or two. But it always happens when I least expect it. So, for the most part this list is just some I can think of that I remember crying during some point. There are definitely more, but these were the first that came mind – I’m sure I’ll get some strange looks for some of them.

1. Up - sweet, but very sad at times.
2. The Land Before Time - when Littlefoot is reunited with his grandparents
3. An American Tail - when Fivel is separated from his family, and again when they are reunited (I detect a theme here...)
4. Star Trek: Nemesis - the end
5. Anna and the King - the execution scene

Anonymous said...

I sobbed at Armageddon and my sister made fun of me. Forrest Gump gets me too.

jezzabellegiggles said...

the one i can remember is Bridal Wars..
at the end it did touch me..

RazorCandy said...

Oh, man. I am a TV-watching, book-reading, movie-viewing WUSS.

- Titanic ( bad it`s good, and I will defend that movie to the DEATH)
- Gladiator
- PS I Love You? Which I will admit was TERRIBLE? Absolutely destroyed me during the scene of Gerard Butler's wake. When they played The Pogues? Omigod. Serious waterworks.
- The English Patient
- 50 First Dates. HOW is that a happy ending? She doesn't remember her husband. Or her CHILDREN. EVER. Every day they have to remind her with videos and then she never has a chance to get used to the idea because the next day she'll FORGET AGAIN.. SO not cheerful!
- End of season 5 of Buffy
- Stand By Me

Christina Hicks said...

1. Season 1,2,&4 finales of Doctor Who
2. Steel magnolias
3. Return to Me (but not the end, the beginning)
There are so many more, but I'd rather not bring them up right now *sniff sniff*

Marie said...

My first thought when I read the title of this post was Armageddon, and there you had it. I cry every time when Bruce Willis is talking to his daughter on the screen.

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